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The Hispanic Studies section of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures is a dynamic teaching and research unit dedicated to the study of Hispanic literatures and cultures, from introductory Spanish language to specialized advanced seminars. Our program offers an abundance of opportunities for highly motivated students to achieve mastery of the Spanish language, become knowledgeable of Hispanic cultures, and develop sophisticated reading and writing skills.  Learn more »

In combination with our courses, the Hispanic Studies program stimulates intellectual dialogue through a variety of extra-curricular activities, including lectures by recognized guest scholars and writers, community-engagement projects, theme dinners, concerts, and film screenings. Our faculty members maintain active research agendas in different periods and areas of Hispanic Studies, publishing in leading journals and scholarly presses, obtaining grants, and participating at national and international conferences. Several of our faculty are active in other academic units on campus such as Latin American, Gender and Women’s, Environmental, Africana, and Film Studies. The variety of teaching and research interests of our faculty reflects the diversity of our students as well, who come from many regions and backgrounds. Most Spanish majors participate in an off-campus program in the Hispanic world, and some of our best students pursue independent study with our faculty to complete in-depth investigations of mutual interest. A Bowdoin concentration in Hispanic Studies equips graduates with intercultural skills that are crucial in an increasingly interconnected world. Our majors and minors are astute readers and capable writers who engage in a wide range of occupations, from work in non-governmental agencies, international politics, and high school teaching, to graduate studies and scholarship in Hispanic Studies and related disciplines. « Close

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Spanish FacultyHispanic Studies students and faculty are active scholars and engaged citizens all the way from campus to the Americas and beyond.

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About Hispanic Studies

About Hispanic StudiesOur discipline studies the cultural production (literature, film, art, journalism) of the Spanish-speaking world and its diaspora, including groups whose mother tongue may not be Spanish.  Learn about Hispanic Studies areas of inquiry, major goals, and career possibilities »


Bowdoin Spanish AlumniOur alumni use their intercultural skills to enrich and inform their life paths.

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