Cartagena, Colombia - photo by Prof. Nadia Celis '05
Cartagena, Colombia – photo by Prof. Nadia Celis

The curriculum in Spanish is designed to deepen and broaden students’ knowledge of the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. As students progress through the course sequence, they are encouraged to pursue their own intellectual interests with increasing complexity and independence.

The Spanish Program offers the following types of courses, all of them conducted in Spanish:

Course Type Course Number Maximum Students
Language Sequence
Designed to achieve mastery of the Spanish language and become conversant with Hispanic cultural history.
1101-2204 18
Advanced Spanish
Introduces the methods and scope of the discipline, and provides in-depth grammar review in comparative perspective.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2204 or placement.
2305 18
Introduction to Hispanic Studies
Survey Hispanic cultural history from the 1200s to the present, while fostering familiarity with major currents of literary and artistic production.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2305 or placement.
2409-2410 18
Topics in Hispanic Cultures
Provide an understanding of cultural developments and debates in specific regions of the Spanish-speaking world.
Prerequisite: Spanish 2409 or 2410.
3000-3099 16
Topics in Hispanic Literature and Cultural Studies
Deepen the study of specific aspects of the cultural production from the Spanish-speaking world with particular emphasis on literary or film analysis, often directly linked to the instructor’s research work.
Prerequisites: Spanish 2409 and 2410.
3100-3999 16
Independent Study and Honors
Available to advanced students who wish to work more closely on a particular topic on which they have conducted research.
Prerequisites: Application and project proposal approved by the Department, and at least one Spanish course above 3099.
4000-4003 1

The Romance Languages Major

Students who are interested in studying two Romance languages at Bowdoin (French, Italian and Spanish) may elect to pursue the Romance Languages major.

Students who elect Spanish as one of their languages complete 9 courses in two languages above 2204 with the following requirements:

  • Spanish 2409 and 2410 [or the equivalent in study abroad]
  • French 2407 or 2408 [or the equivalent in study abroad] If combining Spanish with French
  • French 2409, 2410 or 2411 [or the equivalent in study abroad] If combining Spanish with French
  • Italian 2305 and 2408 [or the equivalent in study abroad] if combining  Spanish with Italian
  • 3 courses at the 3000 level in either language  [1 upper-level literature course may be approved from study abroad] At least two 3000-level courses must be taken at Bowdoin. 3 courses at the 3000 level in either or both languages. If one of the languages is Italian, at least one of the 3000-level courses must be in Italian.
  • Up to 4 credits toward the major for a year of study away and up to 3 credits may be earned through a semester of study away