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Dissidences, Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism Has a New Website

Story posted September 24, 2013

Dissidences, Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism has a new website (http://digitalcommons.bowdoin.edu/dissidences/), which is part of Bowdoin’s Digital Commons project. The changes are not just a matter of format. Dissidences now publishes new articles as soon as they are approved by its evaluators, which means the journal is in constant renovation.

Dissidences, Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism has a new website

An online publication active since 2005 and indexed by the Modern Language Association, Dissidences, Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism is designed to fill the gap between traditional practices of scholarly publications and current dynamics of knowledge production in the field of Hispanic literary and cultural studies. Dissidences relies on a strict and meticulous process of peer evaluation at the same time that it attempts to reach as many scholars as possible both in the United States and abroad. The journal publishes essays conceived at the confluence of theory and criticism of Hispanic literature in a rather broad sense: written literature, oral traditions, intersections of word and image, and theoretical discussions regarding the diverse historical, political, aesthetic and social junctures in which the cultures of Spain and Latin America are produced today or were produced in the past.

Supported by Bowdoin’s Department of Romance Languages as well as the Latin American Studies Program, Dissidences has published more than one hundred articles and book reviews authored by scholars from colleges and universities in four continents, mostly from the United States, the United Kingdom, Latin America, and Spain. It has published one monographic issue on violence and literary representation in post-Franco Spain, edited by Professors Isabel Cuñado, from Bucknell University, and Francisco Fernández de Alba, from Wheaton College, as well as another special issue, on post-dictatorial memory and reconciliation, edited by Professors Joseph Aguado and Annabel Martín, from Dartmouth College.

The journal has found a unique and legitimate standing in the academy which translates into a larger number of submissions (an average of forty articles for each new issue) and a constantly growing number of visits to its website. Scholars interested in submitting articles for consideration for publication on Dissidences should send them through the website using the following tool: http://digitalcommons.bowdoin.edu/dissidences/styleguide.html


This journal is concerned with the problems of literary and cultural theory and the study of the Spanish and Latin American literatures and cultures of all periods. The journal emphatically encourages the submission of essays conceived at the crossroads of critical inquiry and theoretical discussion, and it has a pluralistic policy regarding the perspectives to be explored in those essays.