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Margaret Boyle Joins the Romance Languages Faculty

Story posted October 18, 2012

Margaret E. Boyle is a scholar of early modern Spanish literature with a particular interest in the literary and cultural history of women. Her book manuscript Unruly Women: Performance, Penitence and Punishment in Early Modern Spain examines the cultural status of the Spanish comedia and its intersection with the rise of custodial institutions in Madrid in order to develop a comparative model between literary and historical 17th century rehabilitation systems for women. Her research and teaching interests include transatlantic approaches to narrative, theater history and performance, convent literature, early modern gardens and Jewish diaspora. Nearly all of her classes include “labs” in library special collections and the museum of art. These visits put primary sources into direct contact with students in order to practice critical and enthusiastic observation and discussion.
Boyle earned her B.A. at Reed College and her M.A. and Ph.D. at Emory University, where she studied in both the department of Spanish and Portuguese and the department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Before coming to Bowdoin, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Oberlin College for two years. She has recently published articles in Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture and Letras Femeninas.
A Jewish Mexican American, Boyle spent the majority of her childhood in Los Angeles with frequent visits to her Mother’s family in Mexico City. There they would spend time with her extended family who conversed using Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew and English. Since she did not formally study Spanish language until high school, she identifies and is identified as both an insider and outsider of Hispanic culture, a strength she wields as a professor of language and culture.
She currently resides in Brunswick with her husband, daughter and dog.