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Spanish Table at Bowdoin

Story posted October 10, 2011

Every year, a recent university graduate from a Spanish-speaking country joins Bowdoin as the Spanish Teaching Fellow, to direct the labs for advanced 200-level courses, assist with cultural activities, and host the weekly Spanish table. 

Spanish Table at Bowdoin

Students of all levels, teaching assistants and faculty meet weekly for dinner at La mesa de español, to enjoy using the Spanish in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. They discuss their experiences and plans abroad, share their life paths, or just chat about the weather, campus life, peculiar terms and expressions, and what not.  

Other opportunities to use your Spanish on campus include the one-hour conversation groups held weekly for every language class (101-205), and the theater mini-plays that students in Spanish 209, Introduction to Hispanic Studies: Poetry and Theater put together every semester.

For more information on La mesa and other activities, please contact this year's Teaching Fellow Antoni Fernandez Parera, who finished his Masters degree in teaching English and Spanish as a foreign language.

  Spanish Table at Bowdoin



La mesa de español is held in Pinette Room, Thorne Dining Hall, every Thursday 5:30-7:30pm Enjoy using your Spanish in a relaxed and informal way while having your dinner.  You do not need to register, just stop by!