Some Interviewing Do's and Dont's

Relax and be yourself—yes, this is really the best advice!

View this as a conversation—that is what it is, even if the situation may seem a bit unusual.

Be sincere—stick to your convictions (politely, of course).Don’t try to talk about something about which you know very little—it is okay, and sometimes even desirable, to say "I don’t know."

Don’t worry excessively about body language, but do be a good conversationalist—maintain eye contact with your interviewer and try not to fidget. If you are in a group interview, be inclusive; be sure to look at and talk to all the members of the panel.

Dress professionally. Err toward the conservative rather than the flamboyant. Think about projecting yourself as a responsible, caring future health care provider. The majority of candidates wear suits to their interviews, although a jacket and dress slacks/skirt is acceptable.

Be on time and treat everyone at the school with courtesy. There are several stories about applicants who were rude to support staff and subsequently found themselves wondering "what went wrong?"