Applicant Timetable

(for matriculation in 2018)

Fall 2016

  • Continue strong academic/work performance
  • Make certain will have completed all the requirements by the end of next semester
  • Start thinking about AMCAS/AACOMAS/ADSAS/VMCAS
  • Volunteer in community
  • Investigate options for the summer/next year

December 2016

  • Pick up or download HP applicant guidelines and forms.
  • Request letters of recommendations

January 2017

  • If on college break, consider volunteering in a health care setting or shadowing a health care provider
  • Submit resume and completed Applicant Information Form (don't worry yet about school list) to HP advisor by January 31
  • Draft descriptive entries for Experience section of application
  • Work on personal statement

January-April 2017

  • Study for MCAT/DAT/GRE if have yet to take it
  • Register well in advance for the test
  • Relax and do well on test day!!!

February 2017

  • Submit first draft of personal statement to HP Advisor by February 15
  • Follow up on recommendations
  • Request any non-Bowdoin transcripts and submit to HPA Office
  • Meet with Health Professions Advisor if logistics permit

March 2017

  • Polish personal statement
  • Decide on tentative school list
  • Be sure credential file in HPA Office is complete by March 15

April 2017

  • Follow up to be certain credential file is complete

May 2017

  • Request Bowdoin transcript with spring semester grades
  • Refine school list (unless awaiting test results)

June 2017

  • Submit AMCAS/AACOMAS (or other appropriate) application

Summer 2017

  • Complete secondary applications

Fall 2017

  • Prepare for and enjoy interviews

August 2018

  • ENROLL in Med/Dental/Vet School!!!