Timeline for Medical School Application 

Applying to medical school begins 15 months before matriculation, and anyone who hopes to attend medical school in the fall of 2019 should plan to take the MCAT in the spring of 2018 and apply in June of 2018. The majority of applicants from Bowdoin chose to matriculate in health professions programs 1 to 4 years after graduation.

Check out a graphic representation of the timeline here

Timeline for Matriculation in 2019

Fall 2017

  • Continue strong academic/work performance
  • Make certain will have completed all the requirements by the end of next semester
  • Start thinking about AMCAS/AACOMAS/ADSAS/VMCAS
  • Volunteer in community
  • Investigate options for the summer/next year

December 2017

  • Pick up or download HP applicant guidelines and forms.
  • Request letters of recommendations

January 2018

  • If on college break, consider volunteering in a health care setting or shadowing a health care provider
  • Submit resume and completed Applicant Information Form (don't worry yet about school list) to HP advisor by January 31
  • Draft descriptive entries for Experience section of application
  • Work on personal statement

January-April 2018

  • Study for MCAT/DAT/GRE if have yet to take it
  • Register well in advance for the test
  • Relax and do well on test day!!!

February 2018

  • Submit first draft of personal statement to HP Advisor by February 15
  • Follow up on recommendations
  • Request any non-Bowdoin transcripts and submit to HPA Office
  • Meet with Health Professions Advisor if logistics permit

March 2018

  • Polish personal statement
  • Decide on tentative school list
  • Be sure your credential file is complete by March 15 (with the exception of letters of rec)

April 2018

  • Letters of recommendation are due April 15
  • Follow up with HPA office to be certain credential file is complete

May 2018

  • Request Bowdoin transcript with spring semester grades
  • Refine school list (unless awaiting test results)

June 2018

  • Submit AMCAS/AACOMAS (or other appropriate) application

Summer 2018

  • Complete secondary applications

Fall 2018

  • Prepare for and enjoy interviews

August 2019

  • ENROLL in medical/dental/veterinary school!!!