Travel Clinic

The Travel Health Clinic provides a comprehensive consultation serving the needs of international travelers. It offers in-depth information about medical issues related to your trip, travel immunizations, prescriptions, and general travel health advice. These services are available to students, staff and faculty of Bowdoin College, and local community members.

We Provide:

  • Personalized medical consultations
  • All required and recommended immunizations
  • International Certificates of Vaccination/The World Health Organization Card required for regions with yellow fever
  • Expert advice and health tips
  • Up-to-date country specific handouts on travel related medical issues and advisories

Personalized & Professional Service
The Travel Health Clinic offers personalized health and travel advice tailored to your particular itinerary. You will meet with a nurse practitioner and registered nurse specializing in travel medicine. Our information is continually updated from agencies including the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the International Society for Travel Medicine.

Start Early
For optimum service, we recommend you make your appointment at least six to eight weeks prior to your departure.

Cost of Travel Health Clinic Services

  • Bowdoin Students and Faculty/Staff - There is no charge for the medical travel consultation; there are charges for travel vaccinations since these are not covered under the Bowdoin Health plan or most other insurances.
  • Community Members- There is a charge of $150.00 for the medical travel consultation. Travel vaccination fees are additional.


  •  Bowdoin Students - Travel consultations will be scheduled for Thursday mornings only. Exceptions will be made under certain circumstances (such as a class or lab).
  • Community Members and Bowdoin Faculty/Staff- Travel consultations will be scheduled for Thursday mornings only. No exceptions will be made. Travel consultations are required prior to receiving any travel immunizations.
  • Be Prepared for your Visit - Travel consultations are required prior to receiving travel immunizations. Plan on 45 minutes for the medical travel consultation and 15-30 minutes for vaccine administration. Please complete the Travel Questionnaire and provide immunization records at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. We reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if you are not prepared.

Please call 207-725-3770 to set up an appointment.

Student studying abroad

Other Travel Medicine Clinics

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