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Allergy Injections

Under the supervision of two Board Certified Family Physicians, Wendy Sansone, RN administers allergy injections. Students requiring allergy shots while at Bowdoin College should bring their allergy serum and their detailed injection schedules to Health Services upon arrival to campus. Typically, students will bring enough serum to last an entire semester. It is important to make an appointment right away so that the injection schedule is not interrupted.

Please note: Allergy shots will not be given if one of our Board Certified Family Physicians is not at Health Services. Also, if a student is just starting allergy injections, he/she must receive the first injection with his/her home allergist as we do not initiate allergy injections.

For winter, spring and summer breaks, students are responsible for picking up their serum and a copy of their detailed injection schedule to take home so that they can continue their injections with their allergist. Upon return, students should return their allergy serum and their updated injection schedule to Health Services.

Student gets and allergy injection