Medical Records & Confidentiality


Student medical records are kept for 6 years after the student graduates from Bowdoin College. To obtain a copy of your immunization or medical records, you need to provide us with a request in writing. Your request should include:

  • Your full name
  • Class year
  • Date of birth
  • What records you need
  • Where you want them sent/faxed
  • Your signature

Call (207) 725-3770 with any questions, or fax (207) 725-3905.

There is a minimum $15 fee to receive a copy of your medical records. Immunization records are available free of charge.


All medical records are confidential. Information contained in student medical records will not be released to anyone without permission. Information wil not be shared with parents, friends, professors, or college administrators without the patient's express permission. Students may be asked to give consent in writing. The only exception to this is if we believe a student is a threat to him/herself or another person. HIV/AIDS testing records are confidential and are kept separate from the medical record and are destroyed after results are given.