Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is NOT required to use Health Services at Bowdoin but is needed for care or service off-campus.  Therefore, Bowdoin College requires ALL students, including those studying away at an approved Off Campus Study Program, carry health insurance comparable in coverage to the Bowdoin Student Health Insurance Plan.  At the beginning of each academic year, students are enrolled on the college sponsored health plan until a waiver request has been approved.  Please keep in mind not all requests for waivers are approved. 

Some examples of plans that might not be approved:

  • out-of-state Medicaid plans,
  • certain Exchange/Marketplace plans,
  • HMOs,
  • international plans that are not embassy-sponsored or based in the United States, and
  • other plan types that restrict access to services in Brunswick, Maine, and the surrounding areas.

Off Campus Medical Services:

Please be aware, if you have waived the Bowdoin Student Health Insurance Plan, you or your home PCP need to contact your insurance carrier at their toll-free telephone number (on your insurance card) prior to receiving off-campus medical care.

Contact your insurance carrier and ask:

  1. Is the provider I have been referred to in network?
  2. Do I require a referral prior to the visit?
  3. Is prior authorization necessary for the service I have been referred for?

Lab Work Charges:

Although we do maintain a small on-site lab for urinalysis, pregnancy tests, and strep tests, we send other blood work and cultures by courier to a local professional laboratory through MidCoast Hospital.  This facility is in network under the Bowdoin Student Health Insurance Plan; however, for any student that waives this plan, it is your responsibility to call your insurance company to determine if the tests at this laboratory will be covered under your plan.

Immunization Charges:

While we do not bill insurance companies for our services, we do charge students for the cost of immunizations when administered at Health Services.  The student is provided with a receipt for submission to their insurance plan for possible reimbursement.  Please keep in mind we are not in network with any insurance plans, which could limit your ability to be reimbursed.  However, any student on the Bowdoin sponsored health plan through UnitedHealthcare Student Resources is eligible to submit for reimbursement the following immunizations: Gardasil-9, Menactra and Bexsero.  To submit a request, a form needs to be completed.

If you have questions, please contact the Student Health Insurance Coordinator at (207)798-4284 or