Mark Hendrickson '07

Glad Tidings of a Crisis without Equal on Earth: An Interpretation of Nietzsche's Theory of Morality 

Mark Hendrickson’s project attempts to provide a lucid interpretation of the theory of morality developed by nineteenth-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. His investigation into Nietzsche’s philosophy focuses on what the thinker says about the origin, definition, and value of morality in three works in particular: Human, All Too Human; Daybreak; and On the Genealogy of Morals. Additionally, Mark finds it necessary to analyze the moral philosophies of two other nineteenth-century thinkers—Arthur Schopenhauer and Paul Rée—to put Nietzsche’s ideas in context. The project leads to a discussion of the political implications of Nietzsche’s “revaluation of all values,” the phrase he uses to describe mankind’s overcoming of all morality and Christian morality in particular.

Mark Hendrickson '07 profile in the 2011 Bowdoin Magazine.Mark Hendrickson '07 profile in the 2011 Bowdoin Magazine.