Credit Exceptions
Government and Legal Studies 
Bowdoin College

Off-Campus Study

Government majors and minors are encouraged to consult with their advisors prior to studying away about various course options. Credit for the Government major or minor however, can only be given after the courses have been taken.

Those seeking Government major and minor credit for study away should take courses that focus on government and politics. Courses cannot be a repetition (or very close facsimile) of a course already taken in Bowdoin's Government Department. In like measure, credit will not be granted in Bowdoin's Government Department in the future for taking the same (or a similar) class for which Study Away credit has been granted.

To get a course approved, students should, upon their return to Bowdoin, bring a syllabus for the course along with any written work that they did to any faculty member in the Department for review and credit approval.

A total of 2 credits from outside Bowdoin can normally be applied to the Government major or minor. Only 1 credit can be applied (as a Level-B course) to the four-course major concentration requirement. The Level C concentration requirement must be completed at Bowdoin.

Double Counting of Cross-listed Courses

The Department allows, in normal cases, one course to double-count towards the major/minor requirements in Government and also the major/minor requirements of the cross-listed department or program.  To double-count a class, students should meet with their advisor to discuss an exceptions form in Polaris.  Even if the course is currently assigned to Government in Degree Progress, students will need to ask both departments/programs to submit an exceptions form.

See the cross-listing policies of each department and program at Bowdoin.

Washington Semester Program

Bowdoin participates in a semester-long study away program run by American University at their Tenley campus in Washington, D.C. The program offers students an ideal opportunity to pursue their studies at the seat of the U.S. government. Courses are taught by American University faculty on a variety of topics, including American politics (national government and public law), economic policy, foreign policy, international environment and development, justice, and peace and conflict resolution.

Bowdoin students normally participate their junior year.

Participating students will be required to sign the "transfer of credit" form before embarking on their program. The form can be obtained from the Washington Semester Coordinator.

Students are expected to complete a research project in order to receive any course credit at Bowdoin. Students must give a copy of their research project to the Washington Semester Coordinator for approval upon return.

Interested students should consult with the Washington Semester Coordinator for program details. Washington Semester Coordinator: Professor Janet Martin