To Members of the Bowdoin Community:

In response to the important concerns on this campus and among our alumni about acts of genocide and human rights violations in the Darfur region of Sudan, President Mills has formed an advisory committee to review this disturbing and deteriorating situation and to recommend a course of action the College might take. The Advisory Committee on Darfur will make its recommendations to the President and the Board of Trustees at the Board's campus meetings in May.

The Advisory Committee on Darfur makes available here statements from President Mills and the Advisory Committee and links to resources for information about the situation in Sudan.

20 Sep 2006
Recommendation to the Trustees on The Bowdoin College Policy Relating to Darfur

10 May 2006
President Mills' Letter to Trustees

10 May 2006
Statement to President Mills and Trustees

21 Apr 2006
Open Forum: Read and Listen to the Committee’s Presentation and Public Comments

20 Apr 2006
Letter from the Advisory Committee on Darfur

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