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President Mills' Letter to Trustees

To the Trustees:

Attached is the report of the Advisory Committee on Darfur that was delivered to me yesterday for my consideration and for Board consideration. The Committee has done excellent work in a very short time and produced a report that merits our consideration.

The report raises many issues for the College with respect to Darfur and issues that will create precedent for the College. In order to allow full consideration of this report and its implications, we will commence discussions at our Saturday morning plenary session and create a process and timetable for the Board and its various committees to have further discussions and input before any formal board action is taken. The impetus for us to take immediate action without an opportunity for deliberate consideration is mitigated by my understanding that we do not have any investments, directly or indirectly, in the companies identified by others as problematic.

Thank you to Gerald Chertavian, chair of the Committee, for his thoughtful leadership and to the active participation of James Baumberger 06, Jorunn Buckley, Emma Cooper-Mullin 07, Kevin Johnson, Mary Lou Kennedy, Henry Laurence, James MacAllen 66 and Paula Volent.

Barry Mills

Message posted May 10, 2006

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