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Senior German majors often choose to research and write honors projects or engage in independent studies as their capstone academic experience. On average, German department faculty each advise 1-2 projects per year. In recent years, several of our students have applied for and received the competitive Grua/O'Connell fellowship, which has allowed them to conduct additional research in Germany.


Benjamin D. Ziomek '13 Benjamin D. Ziomek '13
"Das Prestige der Reiche : Geostrategische Konstellationen, interkulturelle Wahrnehmungen und die Gründung einer deutschen Kolonie im heutigen Qingdao, 1987-1914"
Project Summary

Lyne A. Lucien '13
"Graffiti in Berlin from 1980-Present: Examining Tensions between Subcultures and Commercialization"

Samuel Ehlers Frizell '12
Becoming Judas Maccabeus : representations of the martial Jew in Ghettoliteratur from 1848 to 1933
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Rebecca R. Silva '11
Blurring Boundaries: Active Femininities and Reactive Masculinities in Erich Kästner’s Fabian: Die Geschichte eines Moralisten
Project Summary

Julia M. Littlefield '11 Spaces of Transit / Transitional Spaces: Examining the Partial Ruins of Berlin’s Anhalter Bahnhof Project SummaryJulia M. Littlefield '11
Spaces of Transit / Transitional Spaces: Examining the Partial Ruins of Berlin’s Anhalter Bahnhof
Project Summary

Sally Hudson, '10
Herausforderungen an die deutsche Kulturnation: Literatur, Politik und die Rolle des Intellektuellen um 1990
Project Summary

Brenna Nicely, '10
From Germany to Maine: The Translation and Transportation of Kerstin Specht's 'Lila'

Molly Seaward, '09
Beyond the Fräuleinwunder and Feminism: Julia Franck's Novel Die Mittagsfrau as Historiography of Gender & Sexuality
Project Summary

Theresa Weaver, '09
Um der gebrechlichen Einrichtung der Welt willen": Geschlecht und Scham in Heinrich von Kleists Die Marquise von O...

Natalie Dudar, '08
Negotiating the Diaspora: Bleeding Boundaries in Fatih Akin's Dialectical Cinema
Project Summary

Jared Hunt, '08
Towards a Contemporary Brechtian Dramaturgy: Reimagining Gender in Der Gute Mensch von Sezuan

Lana Mathis, '08
Defying Stereotypes of the Migrant Experience: Emine Sevgi Özdamar's Literary Negotiations of Legal, Cultural, and Gendered Identity within Two Worlds
Project Summary

Kathryn Yankura, '08
Not a Chick Flick: Understanding Sommer vorm Balkon in the Context of East German Cinema
Project Summary

Jordan Krechmer, '07
Cultural Construction: Searching for Love, Life and Humor in German-Jewish Post-Holocaust Literature and Film
Project Summary

Andrew McDonald, '07
Defining Fluctuation: Movement and Change in Fiction and Feature Films about Millennial Berlin
Project Summary

Courtney Reichert,
Creating His Own Myth: Werther’s Façade, Self-Deception, and Delusion
Project Summary

Allison Ryder,
The Camera, the Double and the Woman: Expressionist Transformations in Wenders' Himmel über Berlin and Tykwer's Lola rennt.
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