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Senior German majors often choose to research and write honors projects or engage in independent studies as their capstone academic experience. On average, German department faculty each advise 1-2 projects per year. In recent years, several of our students have applied for and received the competitive Grua/O'Connell fellowship, which has allowed them to conduct additional research in Germany.


Anna Piotti '16
"Der Froschkönig: Drama, Poetry, Fairy Tales"
Project Summary

Eva Spaeh '16
"Modernizing G.E. Lessing's Nathan der Weise: a Radical Rethinking or a Dearth of Progress?"
Project Summary

Arhea Marshall '15
"Voiced Over: Reimag(in)ing Blackness in German Film"
Project Summary

Christopher Gravallese '14
"Joseph Roth, Harry Kessler and political violence in Walther Rathenau's Weimer Germany"
Project Summary

Marta Misiulaityte '14
"Here to stay: Arab German voices from the the 1970's to the present"

Zackary Wells Suhr '14
"Translating Gottfried Benn's Statische Dedichte"
Project Summary

Benjamin D. Ziomek '13 Benjamin D. Ziomek '13
"Das Prestige der Reiche : Geostrategische Konstellationen, interkulturelle Wahrnehmungen und die Gründung einer deutschen Kolonie im heutigen Qingdao, 1987-1914"
Project Summary

Lyne A. Lucien '13
"Graffiti in Berlin from 1980-Present: Examining Tensions between Subcultures and Commercialization"

Samuel Ehlers Frizell '12
Becoming Judas Maccabeus : representations of the martial Jew in Ghettoliteratur from 1848 to 1933
Rebecca R. Silva '11
Blurring Boundaries: Active Femininities and Reactive Masculinities in Erich Kästner’s Fabian: Die Geschichte eines Moralisten
Project Summary

Julia M. Littlefield '11 Spaces of Transit / Transitional Spaces: Examining the Partial Ruins of Berlin’s Anhalter Bahnhof Project SummaryJulia M. Littlefield '11
Spaces of Transit / Transitional Spaces: Examining the Partial Ruins of Berlin’s Anhalter Bahnhof
Project Summary

Sally Hudson, '10
Herausforderungen an die deutsche Kulturnation: Literatur, Politik und die Rolle des Intellektuellen um 1990
Project Summary

Brenna Nicely, '10
From Germany to Maine: The Translation and Transportation of Kerstin Specht's 'Lila'

Molly Seaward, '09
Beyond the Fräuleinwunder and Feminism: Julia Franck's Novel Die Mittagsfrau as Historiography of Gender & Sexuality
Project Summary

Theresa Weaver, '09
Um der gebrechlichen Einrichtung der Welt willen": Geschlecht und Scham in Heinrich von Kleists Die Marquise von O...

Natalie Dudar, '08
Negotiating the Diaspora: Bleeding Boundaries in Fatih Akin's Dialectical Cinema
Project Summary

Jared Hunt, '08
Towards a Contemporary Brechtian Dramaturgy: Reimagining Gender in Der Gute Mensch von Sezuan

Lana Mathis, '08
Defying Stereotypes of the Migrant Experience: Emine Sevgi Özdamar's Literary Negotiations of Legal, Cultural, and Gendered Identity within Two Worlds
Project Summary

Kathryn Yankura, '08
Not a Chick Flick: Understanding Sommer vorm Balkon in the Context of East German Cinema
Project Summary

Jordan Krechmer, '07
Cultural Construction: Searching for Love, Life and Humor in German-Jewish Post-Holocaust Literature and Film
Project Summary

Andrew McDonald, '07
Defining Fluctuation: Movement and Change in Fiction and Feature Films about Millennial Berlin
Project Summary

Courtney Reichert,
Creating His Own Myth: Werther’s Façade, Self-Deception, and Delusion
Project Summary

Allison Ryder,
The Camera, the Double and the Woman: Expressionist Transformations in Wenders' Himmel über Berlin and Tykwer's Lola rennt.
Project Summary

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