Honors Archive

Adnan Prsic, "Kanak Sprak und Kultur: Feridun Zaimoglus Weg vom Ethnographen zum Pop-Star"
Project Summary

Elizabeth Davidson, "From Euripides to Sophocles: Hofmannsthal Creates His Own Voice"
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Ted Reinert, "Andreas Dresen and Tom Tykwer: Eastern and Western Filmmaking Traditions in Post-wall German Cinema"
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Whitney Schrader, "Ostalgie : remembering youth and childhood in the GDR"
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Bretton McEvoy, "Imperialism, memory suppression and the Snow-White Goose: the quest for balance in W. G. Sebald's post-Holocaust world"

Kyle David Staller, "Icarus Transformed: Cultural Constructions of Civil Aviation in Germany"
Hanny Studer
, "Amerika: Ausgangspunkt-Fluchtpunkt-Sehepunkt. Charaktere in der Schweizer Literatur"

Todd Buell, "Locke and Lessing, from the theorist to the dramatist : the interconnectedness of enlightenment tolerance"
Bethany Dittmar, "Identity and community : two generations of Afro-Germans through their poetry, prose, and performance"
Maggie Fritz-Morkin, "Localizing and vocalizing within the ether : place, parenthesis, and dialogue in Paul Celan's Atemwende"
Mark Lutte, " Translating Otto Emersleben's In den schründen der Arktik : a perspective on Karl May, Robert Peary and the presentation of historical identity"
Colleen Mathews, "The theme of liminality in Ilse Aichinger's imaginative writing, 1948-1957 : from novelist to dialogist"
Emilie Schlegel, "...und da ging etwas Großartiges in mir vor.": Agency and the New Woman in Irmgard Keun's Das kunstseidene Mädchen"

Paul DeLuca, "The return of the repressed: the postwar crisis of German identity and the global virus of national socialism"
Katherine Grote, "Lola's Berlin: investigating Tom Tykwer's millenial portrait of the city"
Margaret Magee, "From reluctant to committed witness: the 1933-1945 diaries of Viktor Klemperer"
Lindsay Pettingill, "Wir woll'n die Eisbärn seh'n: East German identity and sport in Pepe Danquart's documentary Heimspiel"
John Yost, "Dürrenmatt's Emmenberger as composite portrait: Nazi physicians as sadistic careerists"

Christine DeTroy, "Retrieving the past: the role of memory and the Holocaust in the novels of W.G. Sebald"
Catherine Kelley, "Perfect justice?: four works by Dürrenmatt"
Kirsten Partenheimer, "Coming of age in GDR Society: Brussig's Helden wie wir and Am kürzeren Ende der Sonnenallee"
Miriam Platzer, "Living out loud: identity and Heimat in works by Alev Tekenay, May Ayim, Zehra Cirak, Fatima El-Tayeb, and Angelina Maccarone"
Russell Sherwood, "Battling voices: R.W. Fassbinder's self-referential reading of Alfred Döblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz"
Barbara Thurston, "Documentary to melodrama: Max Färberböck's film adaptation of Erica Fischer's Aimèe und Jaguar"

Dessislava Dimitrova, "The role of justice and death in Dürrenmatt's criticism of the post- World War II society"
Andrew W. Gould, "The reception of Beethoven from Weimar through to the Third Reich and into exile: wrestling the composer away from the Nazis"
Lisl K. Hacker, "Bearing witness: a thematic study of Grete Weil's Meine Schwester Antigone and Generationen as counterworks"
Christopher Henry, "Oskar and Owen : John Irving re-creates Gunter Grass"
Anand Mahadevan, "Switching heads in India and Germany : an analysis of Thomas Mann's Die vertauschten Köpfe as a cross-cultural text"
Donald H. Wells, "Feelin' blue: post-modern malaise and dysfunction in Judith Hermann's Sommerhaus später"

Claire Adams, "Fantasy and protest: East and West German feminist literature from the 1970s."
Peter Dorthe
, "Deviancy and irreducibility in Weimar film"
Warren Gasper
, "Identity splits and splinters: interventionist dialectics in Bertolt Brecht, Heiner Müller, and Christa Wolf"
Jason Roswig, "Final doom versus the perpetual round: a comparative mythological examination"

Megan Allen, "Killing combinations: intersections of modernity and gender in Ingeborg Bachman's Simultan"
Markus Kamm
, "Liebe, Ehe und Patriarchat bei Bachmann, Böll und Fassbinder"
Ryan Naujoks
, "Max Frisch in America: the search for identity in a foreign land"
Adrienne I. Weiner
, "Peepholes: a dramatic adaptation of The Trial by Franz Kafka"

Hiram Andrews, "Faber's Entschluß anders zu leben: the role of Hermes and Hermes-Baby in Homo faber"
Brendan Matz
, "Framing the post-war landscape: literary form and the Holocaust in the work of Max Frisch"
Sarah Titus
, "Humor as critical space: Doris Dörrie's Männer and Keiner liebt mich! "