Fellowships, Grants and Prizes

Bowdoin German majors continue to be extremely successful candidates for teaching and research grants to Germany and Austria. An average of three to four seniors and recent graduates have won Fulbrights every year, more than 50 in the last 15 years. They have also won Bundestag-Congress-Fellowships, Truman fellowships, and DAAD grants, as well as scholarships for summer study abroad and junior year abroad. The department also confers yearly Old Broad Bay Prizes in Reading German and the German Consular Prize in literary interpretation to deserving students.

Fulbright English Teaching Grants

Caitlin Greenwood '15 and Brandon Ouellette '15 (Germany)

Kacey Berry ‘13 (Fulbright Research Grant, Germany)

Chester Eng '11 and Ellen Kimball '11 (Germany)

John Lehman '10 and Scott Nebel '09 (Germany)
Keri Forbringer '10 (Austria)

Kathryn Yankura '08 and Theresa Weaver '09 (Germany)
Catherine Jäger '09 (Austria)

Lana Mathis '08, and Courtney Reichert '06 (Austria)

Jordan Krechmer '07 and Hillary Pietricola '07 (Germany)
Andrew McDonald '07 (Austria)

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Austrian Government English Teaching Grants 

Dechan Dalrymple ‘13 (Fulbright/ Austrian Government ETA, Austria)
Kenzie Novak ‘12 (Fulbright/ Austrian Government ETA, Austria)
Derek Brooks '12, Zachary Crawford '12, and Nicholas Powell '12 (awarded 2012)
Julia Littlefield '11 and Kara Wilson '11 (awarded 2011)
Keri Forbringer '10 (awarded 2010)

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Grants

German Academic Exchange Service grants.

DAAD  Graduate Study Scholarship

Ellen Kimball '11 (awarded 2012)
Erica Ehrhardt '10 (awarded 2010)

Han Guo '09 (awarded 2007)

DAAD Undergraduate Study Scholarship

Selena Lorrey '16
Christopher Gravellese ‘14
Rebecca Silva '11 (awarded 2009)

DAAD InternXchange

Samuel Frizell '12 (awarded 2012)

DAAD Young Ambassador - German Academic Exchange Service North America

Arhea Marshall '15

DAAD/EMGIP (Émigré Memorial German Internship Program): Fully funded internship opportunities for US and Canadian students in the German Parliament, the Bundestag.

Sally Hudson '10

Other International Fellowships, Grants and Prizes

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX)

Jeremy Lewis '13

Deutscher Bundestag International Parliamentary Scholarship (ISP)

Bryce Lednar '11 (awarded 2012)

Graduate School Experience - Summer Seminar in German Studies

Sally Hudson '10, Scott Nebel '09 (awarded 2009)
Theresa Weaver '09 (awarded 2008)

Munich Summer Fellows Program

(outstanding advanced first year students receive an all-expenses paid stay in Munich):
Elizabeth Clegg, '12, Samuel Frizell, '12 (awarded 2009)

Bowdoin Awards / Departmental Prizes

Louise Ann Harbach Grant 

Supports deserving German majors who are studying in Germany 

Luis M. Rico '17

Arhea V. Marshall '15

Marta Misiulaityte '14, Lauren Napier '09, and Zackary Suhr '14

Dechan Dalrymple '12 and Lyne Lucien '12

Samuel Frizell '11

Rendon Sabina '11

Catherine Jager '09 and Theresa Weaver '09

Old Broad Bay Prizes in Reading German

old broad bay prize for germanThe income from a fund given by Jasper J. Stahl '09, Litt.D. '60, and by others is awarded to students who, in the judgment of the department, have profited especially from their instruction in German. The fund was established as a living memorial to those remembered and unremembered men and women from the valley of the Rhine who in the eighteenth century founded the first German settlement in Maine at Broad Bay, now Waldoboro. (1964)

2016 Charles Campbell-Decock '17, Phillip Munoz '19, Eva Spaeh '16
2015  Ryan Collier '15, Arhea Marshall '15, August Posch '18
2014  Derek Dombrowski '15, Marta Misiulaityte '14, Justin Roberts-Pierel '14
2013  Luke Lamar '13, Jeremiah Lewis '13, and Benjamin Ziomek '13
2012  Peter Davids '14, Emily Murray '14, Natalja Rosculet '14
2011  Ellen Kimball '11, Bryce Lednar '11, Zachary Suhr '14
2010 Mikyo Butler '10, Brenna Nicely '10, Rebecca Schouvieller '10
2009 Samuel Landis '11, Rebecca Silva '11, Theresa Weaver '09
2008 Johanna Clarke '11, Jared Hunt '08, Lincoln Pac '08
2007 Sally Hudson '10, James Nicholas Manny '09, David Scott '08

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German Consular Prize in Literary Interpretation

german consular prizeThis prize was initiated by the German Consulate, from whom the winner receives a certificate of merit and a book prize, in addition to a small financial prize to be awarded from the income of the fund. The prize is awarded annually to the senior German major who wins a competition requiring superior skills in literary interpretation. (1986)

2016 Marina C. Marlens
2015 Ryan J. Collier
2014 Zackary W. Suhr
2013 Molly Krueger
2012  Samuel Ehlers Frizell
2011  Ellen Kimball
2010 Mikyo Butler
2009 Scott Nebel
2008 Jared Hunt
2007 Jordan Krechmer, Lauren Steffel

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