Location: Bowdoin / Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies / Redefining the Common Good After Communism / Abstracts / Doug Rogers

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Doug Rogers

Corporate Social Responsibility, Russian Style:
Defining and Funding the “Common Good” in the Urals

Nearly two decades after the end of socialism, what counts as the “common good” in Russia continues to be articulated in significant part by corporations. Private firms of all sizes—exemplified in this paper by a small agricultural cooperative and the massive oil company LUKoil—dedicate resources to projects defined as “for society.” In addition to powerfully shaping emergent notions of collectivity and morality, these projects also create new kinds of exclusions and hierarchies. This paper suggests that tracking “corporate social responsibility” projects in Russia affords a useful window onto the ways in which the common good is being redefined in contemporary global capitalism.