Maxime Billick '10

Maxime Billick '10In the fall of 2009, gender and women's studies major, Maxime Billick, wrote an ethnographic novella exploring the challenges that young women face when coming to college for the first time. As part of an independent study project with Associate Professor Kristen Ghodsee, Maxime did extensive background research on college sociality around the United States and conducted both formal and informal interviews with her peers on a diverse range of issues. Set in the fictional Branksome College, "Pastel Shirts and Miniskirts" examines the various pressures facing Belle, a first year student from Ohio, as she leaves home to begin her college education and start her life as an independent adult. The novella tactically uses the genre of fiction to explore a wide variety of feminist themes in an narrative style that will appeal to high school students preparing to make their own transitions to college life.

Pastel Shirts and Miniskirts
An Ethnographic Novella
by Maxime Billick