Forty Years of Women at Bowdoin College - Fall 2011

Forty Years of Women at Bowdoin CollegeIn the fall of 2012, to commemorate forty years of women at Bowdoin College, Professor Jennifer Scanlon led a group of gender and women’s studies students through a trip through the archives, discovering and documenting Bowdoin’s rich history of coeducation. After a semester of research, the class put together a website of original documents, photographs, and audio- and videotaped interviews with students, faculty and staff at the College.  The site, which features almost 70 annotated documents and which garnered national attention, is organized around the themes of prehistory, the coeducation process, curriculum, athletics, extracurriculars, social life and fraternities, and the College’s Women’s Resource Center. From Bowdoin President Joshua Chamberlain’s 1871 argument for coeducation to the 1992 establishment of a major in women’s studies, and from women donning used men’s athletic uniforms to the implementation of gender neutral housing, the site reveals the myriad ways in which women students claimed a space at Bowdoin College.


Forty Years of Women at Bowdoin College