Fall 2014 Courses

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GLS 1049. Literature of Adolescent Sexuality.
Adolescents may be too young and vulnerable to withstand life under adult rules, but too smart and full of emotion to stand the rules of childhood. The result can be chaos, passion, drama—especially in expressions of sexuality. In this First Year Writing Seminar we will examine artistic representations of adolescent sexual life during and after the great shift in sexual norms of the 1960s. Creative work—novels, short stories, narrative nonfiction, and films—will be our primary source material, with scholarly readings supporting our study. Students will write both analytic papers and creative prose.
GLS 2253. Constructions of the Body.
Explores the body as a reflection and construction of language, a source of metaphor, and a political and social “space.” Considers historical and cross-cultural studies about men’s and women’s bodies, sexuality, gender, and power. Throughout, draws from and compares theories of the body in sociology, women’s studies, and gay and lesbian studies.
GLS 2402. Victorian Race and Empire.
Examines Victorian constructions of racial difference and imperial relationships in literary texts ranging from the 1830s to the fin de siècle. Of central concern will be issues of representation and racialized identity; fantasies about nationhood and colonialism; narratives of “adventure” at home and abroad; and images of gender and sexuality. Literary criticism central to discussions. Authors may include C. Brontë, Conrad, Doyle, Du Maurier, Haggard, Kipling, Marsh, and F. A. Steel.