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Updated: 9 min 17 sec ago

Y Combinator-Backed Checkr Automates Background Checks For The New, On-Demand Economy

31 min 11 sec ago
Checkr Checkr enables clients to easily sign up and get background checks either via an online form, or by using its REST API to connect with their own hiring systems. Standard reports include one country criminal background checks for $25, while a premium report costs $35 and include country searches for every place that a candidate has lived in the past seven years. Read More

Chrome Android Beta Gets Single Sign-In For Google Sites And New Material Design Looks

39 min 28 sec ago
png;base64f0af219c77fb39c3 Google has a hit on its hands with Material Design in my opinion, which is why it’s great to see it already making its way into some products ahead of Android L’s general consumer launch. Today, Google updated the Chrome Beta for Android with some new features, including single sign-in for Gmail, Maps and Search so long as you’re signed into Chrome, but also introducing… Read More

Jimmy Kimmel Convinces People That An Old Casio Is Apple’s iWatch

1 hour 2 min ago
Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.54.13 AM Want to convince people that you’ve smuggled Apple’s top secret smartwatch out of the labs and onto your wrist? You could burn hundreds of man hours rigging up a semi-believable fake.. or, if you’re Jimmy Kimmel, you could just stick an Apple sticker on the back of an old Casio and call it a day. Read More

Lawn Love Wants To Bring The Whole “Software Eating The World” Thing To Your Own Backyard

1 hour 18 min ago
lawn love 2 Lawncare and landscaping are areas that have remained largely un-”disrupted” in the whole software eating the world trend that’s been going on in recent years. If you’re in one of the 80 percent of American households that have a lawn, chances are that you either take care of mowing and upkeep yourself, or you have hired a local lawncare provider you’ve found the… Read More

Fixed Raises $1.2 Million For A Mobile App That Fights Your Parking Tickets For You

1 hour 21 min ago
fixed Fixed, the clever mobile application that helps you fight your parking tickets just by snapping a photo of the ticket with your mobile phone, has now closed on $1.2 million in seed funding. Investors in the round include Y Combinator, Merus Capital, Scott Banister, John Cobbs, Mark Randolph, Matt Humphries, Eric Wu, and David King. Headquartered in San Francisco, which also serves as its… Read More

Microsoft Brings OneNote To Amazon’s Android App Store

1 hour 24 min ago
When Microsoft said that it wanted to take its products and services to other platforms, it appears that the company meant it: Today the software firm brought OneNote, its EverNote competitor, to Amazon’s Android App Store. So, if you have a Kindle Fire or a Fire phone, you can now take OneNote on the road with you. Microsoft recently made OneNote free everywhere. Before, it had a mixed… Read More

The Smart Key Chain Will Store Your Files, Check Your Email, And Find Your Keys

2 hours 38 min ago
Screenshot 2014-07-24 13.08.37 Because everything is getting smarter, it would be silly to think that keychains would be exempt. The Smart Keychain has four uses in one small package: USB file storage, upcoming calendar alerts, incoming email notifications, and a key locator. Read More

Instagram’s “Bolt” Leak Could Be A New Facebook App Or An App Install Ad Test

2 hours 48 min ago
bolt Some Instagram users are reporting having briefly seen a banner advertisement within the Instagram application which pointed to a new app called “Bolt,” described as a “one tap photo messaging” app. Next to the app’s name and description, a download button linked out to a non-functional URL on the Google Play store. The current speculation being shared around the… Read More

Apple Makes OS X Yosemite Beta Download Available To Testers

2 hours 50 min ago
today Apple has flipped the switch on the OS X Yosemite Beta today as promised, and if you’ve already signed up and been accepted to the Beta program, you can head to the Apple site for the preview to get a Mac App Store redemption code for the new build now. If you haven’t yet signed up, you can try now, but remember that Apple has a ceiling of one million members for this all-new… Read More

Square Now Works With IFTTT

2 hours 53 min ago
sqwer Imagine a venn diagram with two big circles: “People who use Square”, and “People who use IFTTT”. If you sit in the overlap between the two — Hurray! Today is your day. Square now plays friendly with IFTTT. If you’re left wondering WTF IFTTT is, here’s the tl;dr: IFTTT (short for If This Then That) lets you connect online services together to… Read More

Google Folds Its Workforce Management Tool, Maps Coordinates, Into Maps Engine Pro

3 hours 31 min ago
2014-07-24_0843 Last year, Google launched Maps Engine Pro, a service that aims to make it easier for businesses to create, manage and share maps to visualize their data. Until now, this offering was purely about map creation, but today, Google is adding Maps Coordinate into the $5 per month and user Maps Pro subscription service and is building it right into the existing Maps Engine Android app. Read More

Hands-On With The Revamped iOS App For We Heart It, The Feel-Good Social Photo Site

3 hours 39 min ago
weheartitios We Heart It, the Pinterest-meets-Tumblr social image sharing platform that’s attracted a large and passionate user base among teens and the under-25 set, today rolled out a completely rebuilt and redesigned iOS app. We Heart It president Dave Williams swung by TechCrunch‘s San Francisco headquarters to give us a hands-on first look at the app, which has been overhauled from the… Read More

Hitpost Founder, Designer Aaron Krane Joins Khosla Ventures As An EIR

3 hours 42 min ago
aaron-krane Aaron Krane, the designer-founder who started Hitpost, a sports-centric mobile company that Yahoo later acquired, is joining Khosla Ventures as an entrepreneur-in-residence. He’s close with some of Khosla’s recently hired consumer-focused VCs like former Square COO Keith Rabois and Ben Ling, who both have come on in the last two years. Krane worked alongside Rabois at Slide. Krane… Read More

Secret Escapes Acquires My City Venue To Add More Events To Luxury Travel Club

3 hours 51 min ago
My City Venue Secret Escapes, the UK luxury travel ‘flash sales’ site that offers members heavy discounts on luxury hotels and holidays, has quietly acquired 3 year old My City Venue to bolster the events side of its business. Read More

Oculus Starts Shipping Its Next-Gen Rift VR Headset A Bit Later Than Expected

3 hours 53 min ago
Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.03.02 AM It’s a bit later than they originally hoped, but the second pre-release version of Oculus’ $350 virtual reality headset is finally finding its way onto the delivery trucks. Read More

SilverPush Says It’s Using “Audio Beacons” For An Unusual Approach To Cross-Device Ad Targeting

3 hours 58 min ago
silverpush graphic A number of companies are trying to help advertisers bridge the gap between devices — i.e. to identify when the same person is accessing the web or apps from the desktop, phone and tablets. Now a mobile advertising startup called SilverPush says it has created the most accurate approach yet. Making those connections is particularly important for advertisers because of the lack of cookies… Read More

Imoji For iPhone Lets You Turn Any Image Into A Custom Emoji

4 hours 44 sec ago
imoji marketing 2 With the rise of smartphones and messaging apps, emoji and stickers have also grown in popularity, and are now a part of our everyday conversations. But the standard set of emoji that come pre-installed on the iPhone can be limiting. Today, a new application called imoji launches in hopes of changing that, by allowing you to turn any image into a custom sticker or emoji for use with… Read More

Blink Is An Affordable Wireless Security Cam For Your Home

4 hours 3 min ago
Blink Security conscious types with a hankering to pepper their homes with sensor-packed cameras to keep remote tabs on their stuff should point their eyes at Blink: a wireless connected security camera with a relatively cheap price-tag vs the extant competition. Read More

President Obama Plans Action On Drone Privacy Regulation

4 hours 6 min ago
Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.14.53 AM As the FAA watches its drone regulation deadlines loom, President Obama intends to issue an executive order that will deal with drone privacy, something that the federal agency hasn’t delved too deeply into. According to Politico, the president plans to put together an executive order asking the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to come up with rules relating… Read More

Uber Comes To Flint And Makes Me Very Happy

4 hours 8 min ago
IMG_9775 I live in a dead city outside of a larger dead city in Michigan. We’re always last to get things. But Uber is finally in Flint, Michigan. This is the best day ever. In fact Uber just launched across Michigan today in Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. Read More