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Updated: 5 min 15 sec ago

Would You Eat This Buffalo Crunch Donut From Tim Hortons?

1 hour 1 min ago

The newest denizen of the Burger King kingdom will be selling Buffalo-sauce donuts at the New York State Fair through Monday.

Yesterday we scaled Arby's "Meat Mountain" sandwich. And today, we learned that Tim Hortons is rolling out a "Buffalo Crunch Donut" that encases tangy Buffalo sauce in a glazed-donut jacuzzi. Let's take a dip!

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Meet The Chinese Entrepreneur Gunning For Pixar And DreamWorks

1 hour 43 min ago

This early (and adorable) clip from Light Chaser Animation, which aims to rival Hollywood CGI in quality and reach, looks promising.

Gary Wang's first entrepreneurial endeavor was a video-sharing site called Tudou that launched shortly before YouTube, got huge in China, and made him a fortune. Now he has thrown himself into the business of world-class computer animation currently dominated by U.S. companies like Pixar and DreamWorks.

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How Apple Thinks About Smart Homes

2 hours 56 min ago

The features of Apple's new HomeKit framework for app developers show where Cupertino is placing its bets.

This story contains interviews with Chris Allen, CEO of iDevices; Carlos Raventos, lead mobile developer for Netatmo; and Mike Watson, vice president of product strategy at Cree.

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Full-Screen Ads Are Coming To The iPhone

2 hours 56 min ago

Pre-roll video ads, too.

It looks like Apple is going big: huge iPhones, huge iPads. And now this week, we learned that Apple is working on new ways for "freemium" app makers to eke out revenue, one of which falls in line with its strategy to go bigger everything: full-screen banner ads.

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Ikea Just Bought Some Awesome, Bendy Lighting Tech

3 hours 7 min ago

What should Ikea do with its shiny new toy?

Ikea plans to ditch all of its CFL and halogen lighting for LEDs by 2015, leading the furniture giant's green tech arm to make a "strategic investment" in Design LED Products, a Scottish company that's pretty good with LEDs. Ikea gives DLP funding and, in turn, gets access to the lighting company's technology.

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New App Tells The Stories Behind Famous Typefaces

3 hours 12 min ago

Typendium makes (surprisingly interesting) typography history freely accessible to anyone with an iOS.

The histories of your favorite typefaces, from Futura to Gill Sans to Times New Roman, have been conveniently collected in one elegant iOS app, called Typendium, released this week. It includes short essays and illustrations explaining everything from why Palatino is the world's most pirated typeface (an imitation has been given to every Microsoft Office user in the world) to why Gill Sans is considered controversial (Eric Gill himself was something of a monster in his personal life).

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Divorce Selfies: Now A Thing

4 hours 20 sec ago

Look at how happy they seem.

A Florida couple officially ended their three-year marriage on Friday night. The finale to their union became the start of something else, though.

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Dropbox Gives Pro Users More Control Over Shared Files

4 hours 12 min ago

The cloud storage company also streamlined its pricing structure for pro accounts: $10 a month for 1 TB of storage.

Up until now, the only difference between Dropbox's free and pro accounts was the amount of storage available. Looking to differentiate its offering and convert more free users to paid customers, the cloud storage company on Wednesday debuted a set of features to give users more control over the files they share. In addition, Dropbox streamlined its three tiers of pro accounts to one $10 offering for a terabyte of storage per month.

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If Cops Understood Crowd Psychology, They'd Tone Down The Riot Gear

5 hours 42 min ago

A militarized police forces changes the mentality of the crowd it's designed to protect.

One of the clearest lessons from Ferguson is that the militarization of local police has become a major problem across the United States. Images of grotesquely armed forces staring down peaceful protestors in the streets have given way to interactive maps of the armored vehicles and assault weapons distributed to police departments in recent years. On Saturday, President Obama announced a White House review of that unsettling trend--too late this time around, but appropriate nevertheless.

The conventional wisdom behind forceful crowd control deserves a review of its own. Rather than passively controlling a protest, heavy riot gear actively changes the dynamics of crowd behavior, according to the best new behavioral evidence. The twisted outcome is one that too many police forces have yet to learn: the military-style equipment intended to enhance public safety often ends up threatening it.
The military-style equipment intended to enhance public safety often ends up threatening it.

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How The 32 Teams Of The NFL Found Their Brand Footing

7 hours 6 min ago

Jaime Weston, VP of Brand & Creative for the NFL, says the league pulled together on its brand only after consulting its MVPs: the fans.

With 205 million unique viewers during 2013's regular season, accounting for 81% of television homes in the U.S., the NFL is one of the most visible brands in sports--and Jaime Weston has been tasked with shaping that image.

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Templates And Hints For The Perfect Email For Almost Every Situation

7 hours 32 min ago

If every email you sent was perfectly phrased and well-received right out of the inbox, how much time could you save?

Have you ever received an amazing email, one that you'd like to print out and pin to your wall, one that made you grin from ear to ear or slow-clap in appreciation and reverence?

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How To Rewire Your Brain For Greater Happiness

7 hours 49 min ago

The bad news: Our brains are wired to be negative. The good news: You can train your brain to hold on to happiness in 10 seconds.

Wouldn't it be awesome if we could hack into our own brains and rewire them to be happier?

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The One Word Men Never See In Their Performance Reviews

8 hours 5 min ago

There's one adjective that's never used to criticize men, yet it shows up at an alarming rate in women's performance reviews.

It's a scenario that could be straight out of a textbook on gender bias:

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What The Leaders Who Get It Right Know About Marketing To Women

8 hours 8 min ago

So many brands get it so wrong. Does a company need women at the top to strike the right note with female consumers?

From telling women they're too fat to fit into their yoga pants to equating women's body hair with "dudeness," there have been some pretty misguided messages sent to women recently.

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Report: Uber Provided Phones And Credit Cards To Contractors To Sabotage Lyft

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 20:22

A new report in The Verge unearths some of the aggressive tactics employed by the ride-share service.

Earlier this month, Lyft publicly accused Uber associates of summoning and then canceling thousands of rides at the last second. Uber flat-out denied that those requests were true, but now it looks like we have some evidence as to where those marching orders came from.

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The Times Of India Demands Journalists Hand Over Social Media Accounts

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 19:26

Plus, any intellectual property associated with them.

India's largest media group has instated a new social media policy that requires journalists to turn over the passwords to their personal social media accounts. Under these new guidelines, publications can post on reporters and editors' accounts without their knowledge.

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Pinterest's Analytics Dashboard Will Give Businesses Deeper Audience Pinsights

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 19:13

The new dashboard includes audience demographic information, including common interests.

Pinterest began experimenting with promoted pins--its first foray into monetization--about a year ago. The social network followed up Tuesday by offering a new analytics dashboard for businesses.

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Instagram's Hyperlapse Is A Beautiful Algorithm, But It Makes No Sense As Its Own App

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 18:50

Released today, the new video app is another example of Facebook's prime directive gone wrong.

Hyperlapse is a standalone new app from Instagram that speeds up and stabilizes videos into professional-looking steadicam shots.

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Frank Lloyd Wright School Of Architecture Could Lose Its Accreditation

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 18:25

The 82-year-old legendary architecture school may no longer be able to produce future architects.

The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, opened in 1932 by its legendary namesake, is in danger of losing its accreditation to offer a Master of Architecture degree. The school, with locations in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Taliesen, Wisconsin, is left scrambling to find a solution.

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Instagram Debuts Simple App For Creating Timelapse Videos

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 18:03

Hyperlapse corrects for hand motion to easily create timelapse videos.

Continuing Facebook's multi-app strategy, Instagram on Tuesday debuted a standalone app that turns video recordings into sped-up timelapses.

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