Location: Bowdoin / Association of Bowdoin Friends / Steering Committee and College Staff
Steering Committee
Bruce Amstutz ('06) Chair of Bowdoin Mini Course
Winnie Chan ('05) Co-Chair of Student Interaction/Bowdoin Book Lecture
Judy Collette ('03) Co-Chair Student Interaction Committee
Don Doele '59 ('06) Committee Secretary/Alumni Liason
Karen Dyer ('12)   Bowdoin Book Lecture/Marketing
David Knight ('12) Host Family Program Liaison
O. Jeanne d'Arc Mayo ('01) Chair Steering Committee & Community Lecture Series
Amy McKenna ('09) Community Lecture Series
Marty Meacham ('10) 
Community Lecture Series/Bowdoin Book Lectures
Dick Moll ('12)
Community Lecture Series/Mini Course
Chris Toole ('10)
Student Interaction
Deborah Zorach ('09) Student Interaction/Bowdoin Book Lectures
College Staff
Scott Hood Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs
Sara Smith Administrative Assistant II