Requirements for the Minor in Film Studies

The minor consists of five courses, four of which must be courses offered by the Film Studies Program. One course must come from another department’s offerings, and at least one course must be at the 300 level or be an independent study. No more than two courses below the 200 level (including Film Studies 101) will count toward the minor. Courses that will count toward the minor must be taken on a graded basis (not Credit/D/Fail), and students must earn grades of C- or better in these courses.

Required Courses:

  • Film Studies 101
  • Film Studies 201 or Film Studies 202 (both 201 and 202 may be counted toward the minor)

Pre-approved Courses Outside the Film Studies Program:

A wide variety of courses available at Bowdoin may count toward a minor in film studies. Such courses must concentrate on film for the major part of their curriculum. Students wishing to have a particular course considered toward the minor should submit supporting materials from the course (such as syllabus, reading list, and assignments) to the director of the Film Studies Program. The Asian Studies Program, Gender and Women’s Studies Program, and departments of Romance Languages, English, and German frequently offer courses that qualify.

est dur detre aime par des cons (It's Hard Being Loved by Jerks)Some of the courses previously taught  include:

  • Cultural Difference and the Crime Film (Fall 2000)
  • Film Narrative (Every other fall, Fall 2000)
  • History of Film, 1895-1940 (Fall 1999)
  • History of Film 1940 to the Present (Spring 2000)
  • German Expressionism and Its Legacy (Fall 1999)
  • Images of America in Film (Spring 2001)
  • The Films of Alfred Hitchcock (Spring 2000)
  • Gay and Lesbian Cinema (Spring 2001)