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Yao Tang

Assistant Professor of Economics

Contact Information

106 Hubbard Hall

Spring 2015

  • Topics on Asian Economies (ASNS 2830)
  • Topics on Asian Economies (ECON 2239)

Yao Tang - Bowdoin College Economics Department


  • Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Canada, 2009
  • M.A., Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2003
  • B.A., Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute, China, 1998

Research and Teaching Fields

Macroeconomics, international economics, business economics, and the Chinese economy

Yao's personal page

Exchange Rate Regimes and Nominal Wage Comovements in a Dynamic Ricardian Model (with Y. Kurokawa and J. Pang), 2013

How did the exchange rate affect employment in US cities? (with H. Huang), 2013

The Effects of Corporate Governance on the Innovation Performance of Chinese SMEs (with D. Shapiro, M. Wang, and W. Zhang), 2014

Does Productivity Respond to Exchange Rate Appreciations? A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation, 2010

Publications in refereed journals

The effects of exchange rate on employment in Canada (with H. Huang, and K. Pang), 2014, accepted at Canadian Public Policy, University of Toronto Press.

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Book chapter

Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging and Transition European Countries (with S. Globerman and D. Shapiro), 2006. International Finance Review book series (ed. J.A. Batten et. al.), Volume 6, pages 439 - 468, Elsevier.

Short note

Dropping the Geographic-Constraints Variable Makes Only a Minor Difference: Reply to Cox (with Haifang Huang), 2011, Econ Journal Watch, Volume 8, Issue 1, page 28-32, American Institute for Economic Research.