Location: Bowdoin / Yun Kim


Yun K. Kim

Postdoctoral Fellow in Economics

My research projects have dealt with the macroeconomic implications of household debt. Recently, my works have investigated the effects of consumption emulation through borrowing on income distribution and economic growth; the interplay of financial deregulation, income distribution, aggregate demand, and the consumption emulation motive to understand the mechanisms of macroeconomic cycles; the implications of different consumption behaviors for macroeconomic stability.

I received my Ph.D. in Economics from American University in 2011.  Before coming to Bowdoin, I taught at Trinity College and American University.  I enjoy teaching courses in Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Economic Growth, International Economics, and Applied Time Series Analysis.

Publications (peer-reviewed)

"Household Debt, Financialization, and Macroeconomic Performance in the U.S., 1951-2009," Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 35(4), pages 675-694, summer 2013

"Consumer Debt and Corporate Debt: A neo-Kaleckian Synthesis" (with Alan Isaac), Metroeconomica, 64(2), pages 244–271, May 2013

"A Theory of Aggregate Consumption" (with Mark Setterfield and Yuan Mei), European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention, forthcoming

"Aggregate Consumption and Debt Accumulation: An Empirical Examination of US Household
" (with Mark Setterfield and Yuan Mei), Cambridge Journal of Economics, forthcoming

"Income Distribution, Consumer Debt, and Keeping-Up with the Joneses: a Kaldor-Minsky-Veblen  Model" (with Soon Ryoo), Metroeconomica, forthcoming

Articles under review

"Emulation and Consumer Debt: Implications of Keeping-Up with the Joneses," under review

"Debt Servicing, Aggregate Consumption, and Growth" (with Mark Setterfield), under review

Book reviews

"Review of Flexicurity Capitalism: Foundations, Problems, and Perspectives by Peter Flaschel and Alfred Greiner," European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention, 10 (3), 2013

Working Papers

"Macroeconomic Implications of Household Debt: An Empirical Analysis,"
Trinity College working paper 1103

"Consumer Debt and Economic Crisis" (with Alan Isaac)

Courses I have taught:         

Introductory Macroeconomics, Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues, Macroeconomic Theory, International Trade, Theories of Economic Growth.

Senior Honors Thesis Supervision (at Trinity):

Yuan Mei (supervision jointly with Mark Setterfield), August 2011- May 2012 -Winner of Ferguson Prize in Economics for the best senior honors thesis.

Thesis Title: U.S. Consumption Function for the Unite States- An Empirical Test of the Life-Cycle Hypothesis