Xiaoke Jia

Chinese Language Lecturer

Teaching this semester

CHIN 1104. Advanced Elementary Chinese II

A continuation of Chinese 1103. Five hours of class per week. An all-around upgrade of communicative skills with an emphasis on accuracy and fluency. Covers more than 1,000 Chinese characters together with Chinese 1103. Propels those with sufficient competence directly to Advanced-Intermediate Chinese [2205 and 2206] after a year of intensive training while prepares others to move up to intermediate (second-year) Chinese language course. Followed by Chinese 2203 or 2205 with instructor’s approval.

CHIN 2204. Intermediate Chinese II

A continuation of Chinese 2203. Five hours of class per week. Further develops students’ communicative competence and strives to achieve a balance between the receptive and productive skills. Students learn another 400 characters; read longer, more complex texts; and write short compositions with increasing discourse cohesion. Followed by Chinese 2205.

Teaching next semester

CHIN 1103. Advanced Elementary Chinese I

An accelerated course for elementary Chinese designed for heritage speakers and for students who have had some background in Chinese language. Emphasis on improvement of pronunciation, consolidation of basic Chinese grammar, vocabulary enhancement, reading comprehension, and writing. Five hours of class per week and individual tutorials. Followed by Chinese 1104. Students should consult with the program about appropriate placement.

CHIN 2203. Intermediate Chinese I

An intermediate course in modern Chinese. Five hours of class per week. Consolidates and expands the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, with 400 additional characters. Further improves students’ Chinese proficiency with a focus on accuracy, fluency, and complexity. Followed by Chinese 2204.

CHIN 3307. Advanced Chinese I

An advanced course in modern Chinese. Three hours of class per week. Designed to develop mastery of the spoken and written language. Emphasis given to reading and writing, with focus on accuracy, complexity, and fluency in oral as well as written expression. Assigned work includes written composition and oral presentations. Repeatable when contents are different.


Princeton University,  Princeton, NJ  09/2010-06/2013  
Lecturer in Chinese Language 

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME 09/2008- 06/2010  
Lecturer in Chinese Language

Princeton in Beijing Summer Program (2010, 2012)  
Head instructor for fourth-year students and teachers

University of California Education Abroad Program     Beijing, China  06/2006-08/2006
Instructor for elementary Chinese        

College of Chinese Language and Culture at Beijing Normal University  09/2006-01/2008
Instructor for second -year Chinese


  • Beijing Normal University; Beijing, China
  • M.A. in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language),