Stephanie A. Richards

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Contact Information

Druckenmiller Hall - 230B

Teaching this semester

BIOC 2124/BIOL 2124. Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Focuses on the structure and function of cells as we have come to know them through the interpretation of direct observations and experimental results. Emphasis is on the scientific (thought) processes that have allowed us to understand what we know today, emphasizing the use of genetic, biochemical, and optical analysis to understand fundamental biological processes. Covers details of the organization and expression of genetic information, and the biosynthesis, sorting, and function of cellular components within the cell. Concludes with examples of how cells perceive signals from other cells within cell populations, tissues, organisms, and the environment. Three hours of lab each week. Not open to students who have credit for Biology 2423.

BIOL 2175. Developmental Biology

An examination of current concepts of embryonic development, with an emphasis on experimental design. Topics include cell fate specification, morphogenetic movements, cell signaling, differential gene expression and regulation, organogenesis, and the evolutionary context of model systems. Project-oriented laboratory work emphasizes experimental methods. Lectures and three hours of laboratory per week.


  • B.S. (Bates)
  • Ph.D. (Vermont)