Seth A. Ovadia

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Phone (207) 798-4312
Title Assistant Professor
Department Sociology And Anthropology
Work Location 309 Adams Hall


Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Maryland College Park, 2003.
M.A. in American Studies, University of Maryland College Park, 1996.
B.A. in English Language and Literature, Swarthmore College, 1993.

Research Interests

Seth Ovadia's current research focuses on the social construction of place. One of his research programs examines how structural aspects of metropolitan areas affect the forms and extent of urban racial inequality. A second area of research explores how individuals' attitudes are affected by the demographic characteristics of their communities. In previous research, he has looked at value change in American society, McDonaldization and consumption, and the portrayal of Generation X in popular culture. His teaching interests include urban sociology, race and ethnicity, social inequalities, sociological methods, and sociological theory.


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