Extension policy

I have instituted an extension policy for work done during the semester, modeled after a policy established by Professor William Joseph, Political Science Department at Wellesley College.

All students in my first-year and intermediate seminar courses begin the course with a total of 7 “free” extension days (including weekend days) to allocate, as needed, for papers due during the semester (the final essay deadline is not negotiable). If you decide to use some of your extension days, please let me know in advance of the due date.  If you use one or more of the extension days, or if you complete the essay on the due date but are unable to hand it to me (either in class or during my office hours), then you need to make sure that your paper is time-stamped so that I can confirm when you completed it and how many extension days you have used.  You can time-stamp your essay by submitting it through Blackboard's Digital Dropbox.  If you hand in your essay during class or during my office hours, I will count that day as the submission date.  If you submit your essay through Digital Dropbox, please also bring a copy to class or leave a copy in the hanging files outside my office door. 

Since everyone receives the same benefit, I believe this is a fair policy. In terms of the workload for this course, it serves your best interest to hand papers in on time. But since the work that students do in other courses is not distributed similarly or equally, I realize that it may be more difficult for a few of you to hand in a paper for this course on time and complete the assignments for your other courses in a manner that you see as satisfactory or acceptable.

At the same time, no paper can come in more than 7 days late without penalty; if you use all seven days for the first paper, subsequent papers must be submitted on time. After the 7 free extension days are used up, I will begin to dock your grade for each day past the 7 free days, unless you have an extraordinary excuse. Thus this policy establishes a clear final deadline for each paper, and it should help students stay on track in terms of the other assignments for the course.

Please note: As stated above, I allow no extensions for the final paper, due on the assigned final-exam date for the course. Late submissions of final work require approval (generally in the form of an incomplete) from the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs.