Family and Community in American History, 1600-1900

History 2128 (248) / GSWS 2248 Reading Guide with e-reserve and online database links

Instructions for Electronic Reserve Reading Links:


To link to a JSTOR article from an on-campus location, click on the JSTOR link at the end of the article citation.

To link to a JSTOR article from an off-campus location, click here:  JSTOR. This will take you to the JSTOR Bowdoin College Community off-campus login page. From there, follow these instructions:

  • At the BROWSE BY DISCIPLINE page, click on Search on the top bar.
    • Enter the appropriate information for these Search Terms:  Author, Title
    • Select Disciplines/Journals:  History
    • Since you are search for a specific journal article, you do not need to limit your search.
    • Click on the Search bottom either at the beginning of the Basic Search instructions or at the end of the instructions.

Please note:  For environmentally-responsible printing, go to Set Preferences on the top bar. Under the Printing Option, for either On-campus locations or Dial-up connections, choose JPRINT. Clink on the JPRINT button to install the JPRINT helper application.

To change the onscreen page size for easier online viewing, go to Set Preferences, and select SMALL PAGE IMAGES at the Onscreen Page Size option.

Academic Search Premier:

To access Academic Search Premier, go to the Bowdoin College Library Gateway.  At the Quick Database Connect option, click on Academic Search Premier.

In Academic Search Premier:

  • At the FIND option, type the Author's name, inserting "and" between the first name and the last name.  If ASP does not find the article, type only the Author's last name or type the Author's last name and first and middle initials (inserting "and" in between the name and initials).
    • type in the name of the Journal.
    • under date published, type in the last two digits of the year of publication.
  • Click on the Search button.