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Postcards—Maine Views

The Narrows, Penobscot River, Me.  (c. 1910)

  • Does this look at all natural to you?
    Wed. P.M. 3:45 [Bucksport, Oct. 5, 1910]   Dear Hugh – Almost got wet to-day but I took my umbrella so it didn't rain much. Your class in Eng. have finished “Miles Standish” and are going to take “Silas Marner.” I took your books up to-day. Mr. Bragdon is getting uglier every day to the relinquents. Two boys came into Room 4 to-day with a dog chasing at their heels. Bragdon wasn't far behind & didn't he roar at them. The scholars roared too. Got a letter from Pearl yesterday. Went up to the Dorm last night to Eng.  Miss White read to us. How's every body getting along? Good luck.  C.M.