History 2607 (247) / ES 2447, Maine: A Community and Environmental History

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What some people think

What Some People Think of Maine. (C.H. Clark, St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1908)

South Harpswell

South Harpswell, Me., Shore Scene.  (c.1912)

Biddeford Pool

Dressing Fish, Biddeford Pool, Me.  (c.1907)


Portland, Me., Baiting Trawls at Custom House Dock.  (c.1907)

Fly Rod Crosby

The Famous “Fly Rod” landing a big one at Mt. Kineo, Moosehead Lake, Me.  (c.1908; orig. photo by Edwin R. Starbird, c.1897)

Maine Brook Trout

Maine Brook Trout  (c.1906)
Camp Fairview, Patten Maine.

Rangeley Lake Trout

Rangeley Lake Trout.  (c.1905)

R.N. Parish at Upper Dam

12 lb. Salmon caught by R.N. Parish at Upper Dam, Maine.  (c.1910)

Maine Salmon

Maine Salmon (c.1906):
Dear Brother:—
We have been at the Lakes at Rangley for two weeks, and this is a sample of the fish out home now. All well-  Sister Mae
Alberta comes home next week, the children go home tomorrow. Scott comes after them. They are going to have a “Litchfield Fair”   it comes of next Tuesday one week from tomorrow (Oct 2)   better come.
Dan Adams was here all this afternoon, going to stay to the fair & said he would like to see you.
Love to Lewis and Bertha

Lumber Camp

In the Maine Woods, A Lumber Camp.  (c.1915)

Logging Camp

Maine Logging Camp and Saw Mill near [illeg.] Me.  (c.1905)

A Yarding Crew

A Yarding Crew. Lumbering Scene in Maine Woods.  (c.1920)


Waterville, Me., Sorting Logs on the Kennebec.  (c.1910)

Indian Island Ferry

Ferry to Indian Island, Oldtown, Me. [Note the log boom.]  (c.1905)

Indian Island

The Island Home of the Penobscots. [Note the log boom.]  (c.1906)

Indian Island

Indian Island Ferry. Old Town Maine.  (real photo post card, n.d.)

North Harpswell

A No. Harpswell Farm Scene   (c.1908)

Chebeague Island

Uncle John’s Ox Team, Chebeague Island, Me.  (c.1914)


Aroostook Wheat field, Caribou, Me.  (c.1907)