History 2123 [233]. American Society in the New Nation, 1763-1840

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Letter from Benjamin Franklin to Humphry Marshall, West Bradford, Penn., dated London, April 22, 1771.  private collection.

Benj. Franklin letter

   I am much obliged by your kind Present of curious Seeds.  They were welcome Gifts to some of my Friends.— I send you herewith some of the new Barley lately introduced into this Country, & now highly spoken of. I wish it may be found of use with us.—
  I was the more pleas’d to see in your Letter the Improvement of our Paper, having had a principal Share in establishing that Manufacture among us many years ago, by the Encouragement I gave it—
  If in anything I can serve you here, it will be a Pleasure to.
Your obliged Friend and humble Servant,