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Sociology and Anthropology

Susan Kaplan

Professor of Anthropology
Director of Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center

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Arctic Museum And Arctic Studies

Hubbard Hall - 211A

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ANTH 1102. Introduction to Archaeology

Susan Kaplan
An introduction to the practice of archaeology as the study of the human past. Introduces students to the methods and theories through which archaeologists use material traces to analyze the behaviors of people, from our earliest tool-making ancestors to the twentieth century. Topics covered include the history of archaeology as a professional discipline, the role of theory in archaeological interpretation, and the archaeological examination of ancient economic, social, and ideological systems. Three well-known archaeological field projects are used as source material.


  • B.A (Lake Forest College)
  • M.A. Ph.D. (Bryn Mawr College)

Susan A. Kaplan is a professor of anthropology and director of the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center at Bowdoin College. She is an Arctic anthropologist and archaeologist. Her work covers three areas of northern research. She studies prehistoric and historic Inuit responses to environmental change and contact with the West using archaeology, ethnohistory, visual anthropology, and paleoenvironmental data. Most of that work has taken place in northern Labrador, Canada. She studies the history of Arctic exploration using many of the same investigative tools, and that work has taken her to Ellesmere Island, Labrador, and Newfoundland and into many archives. Finally, she studies material culture and uses museum collections to develop exhibitions for the public and to reach out to the northern communities from which artifacts were collected and photographs and films were taken.


Cape Sheridan: From Maine to the Arctic in 2011


Archaeology. I have been conducting archaeological work in northern Labrador since 1976. I am interested in how Labrador Inuit have responded to the challenges and opportunities presented by environmental change and contact with western groups. The work has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and Kane Lodge Foundation, Inc., and Bowdoin College.

Arctic Exploration History. I am interested in the history of exploration of the Arctic, particularly of Labrador, Baffin Island, Ellesmere Island, and Greenland, and the quest to reach the North Pole. Culture contact issues and the roles of indigenous peoples in these exploration endeavors are of particular interest to me. I have spearheaded exhibition and publication projects to examine the expeditions of explorers Robert E. Peary, Donald B. MacMillan, and Robert A. Bartlett in particular. I use archival documents, publications, material culture, photographs, and films in that work. Grants from the National Science Foundation, Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Kane Lodge Foundation, Inc., and funding from Bowdoin College support this work.

Visual and Material Culture. I use material culture and historic photographs to study the history of individual objects and what stories they reveal about their various owners. Also, I work with historic photographs, motion picture films, and material culture to study the changing lives of indigenous northern populations and the impact of western technologies on the north, and to help document northern family and community histories.

Community Outreach. As Director of the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center I am committed to outreach to the general public and to the northern communities whose heritage is represented in the Arctic Museum’s collections. For information about school tours, exhibitions, lectures, and Family Day activities hosted by the Arctic Museum go to http://bowdoin.edu/arctic-museum/

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