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Russ Rymer

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Massachusetts Hall - 207

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ENGL 2855. The Art of Writing about Science

Russell Rymer
A creative-nonfiction writing course that takes science as its canvas. Hones students' ability to write long-form, narrative prose. Students learn how to use fiction techniques to describe factual subjects, and use those techniques to compose a full-length, “New Yorker” style magazine article about science, a scientist, or nature subject (topics and approaches may vary widely). Along the way, discusses the use of metaphor, structure, tone, pacing, and point of view, as well as accuracy, technical literacy, interview techniques, and reporting ethics. For science students, teaches a way to communicate the power of science to a general audience. For the writing student, adopts some of science's central tenets (e.g., its devotion to accurate observation) as essentials in the creative writer's craft, and provides tools necessary for writing professional-level narrative nonfiction on any subject, scientific or not.