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Russ Rymer

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Massachusetts Hall - 207

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ENGL 2802 / ENVS 2802. Writing about the Coastal Environment

Russell Rymer
A creative writing course whose subject is environmental science. Students spend a month in a concentrated writing program involving intensive reading and composition. The reading emphasizes the work of science journalists and of scientists writing for lay publications. Analyzes the readings to explore what makes a worthy (or flawed) translation of complicated science concepts into layman’s language. Considerations of accuracy, complexity, readability, and style are applied directly to students’ writing projects, which include daily blog posts, short assignments, and a longer opus requiring more extensive research and reporting whose final form incorporates all aspects of long-form science writing. Writing assignments are designed to help students bridge between their scientific research and the larger public world that their research involves and affects. To that end, stories may dovetail with lab work students have been pursuing during the semester. Taught in residence at the Bowdoin Coastal Studies Center, English 2802/Environmental Studies 2802 is a course-module in the Bowdoin Marine Science Semester. Biology 2501(same as Environmental Studies 2231), Biology 2330 (same as Environmental Studies 2233), and Biology 2232 (same as Environmental Studies 2232) are co-requisites of this course.