Location: Bowdoin / Raymond H. Miller


Raymond H. Miller

Associate Professor of Russian, Chair of Russian Department

Fall 2013

  • Intermediate Russian I (RUS 203)
  • Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature (RUS 220)
  • Advanced Reading and Composition in Russian (RUS 305)

Prof. Miller playing his balolaika


  • BA: Indiana University, 1973: Russian Literature & English
  • MA: Harvard University, 1975: Slavic Languages & Literatures
  • PhD: Harvard University, 1980: Slavic Linguistics; Dissertation: The Geographical Distribution of Present-Tense Endings in Belorussian Dialects.

Subjects Taught at Bowdoin

  • 19th-century Russian literature
  • Russian poetry
  • Slavic/East European cultural history

  • The early Romantic era; Slavic Romantic poets; Pan-Slavism; early Slavic nationalism
  • 19th-century literature, Russian and Yugoslav
  • Slavic historical linguistics
  • Slavic and European prehistory
  • Slavic dialectology
  • Slovene & Serbian/Croatian languages
  • Satire and fantastic writing in East Central Europe

I am currently researching the life and work of the famous 19th-century scholar Jernej Kopitar, focusing on his views on language; his relationships with Russian scholars and Slavic groups within the Habsburg Empire; and his place in European intellectual history. More generally, I am studying Romantic nationalism among Slavic artists and scholars in the first half of the 19th century, the often contentious interaction among the various Slavic peoples at this time, and the transition from Enlightenment to Romantic thought in Europe at the turn of the 19th century. I am also exploring a variety of topics in 19th century literature, as well as the history of the Slavic languages. Recent papers include “Venelin and the Slovenes” (Slovene Studies, 22/1-2); recent conference talks include “Clash of Worlds, Clash of Eras: Jernej Kopitar, the Russians, and Language” (27th Annual Conference of the North East American Society for 18th-Century Studies, November 8, 2003), and “Jernej Kopitar’s Views of Education: Language and Enlightenment in the Slavic Renaissance” (35th National Convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, November 23, 2003).

Other Professional Activity

I am active in the Society for Slovene Studies, and edit their news letter.