Student Research Projects


Rachel Eveleth '11, "Formation of Elongated Garnets in the Spring Point Amphiboite, Harpswell, Maine." Supported by Rusack Coastal Studies Fellowship and Grua/O'Connell Research Award.

Alex Robert-Pierel '12 and Emma Beck (Colby '12), "Quartz Crystallographic Fabrics from the Northern Mylonite Zone of the Cheyenne Belt, SE Wyoming." Supported by Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Collaborative Faculty Enhancement Grant (Mellon Foundation).

Forrest Horton '08 (Maine Space Grant Consortium fellowship) "EBSD and HRXCT Analysis of Elongated Garnets of the Spring Point Formation, Casco Bay, ME" Arthur M. Hussey Award

Astrid Rodriguez '07 (Maine Space Grant Consortium fellowship)
"Pigeonite Microstructures in Martian Meteorite EETA 79001" Arthur M. Hussey Award

Owen McKenna '07 (Keck Geology Consortium project)
"Field and Microstructural Analysis of a Dike Swarm and a Deformed Composite Dike in the Vinalhaven Intrusive Complex, Maine"

John Carpenter '05 (Surdna Fellowship)
Effects of Growth Conditions on Gallium Nitride (co-advisor M. Msall, Physics)

Coastal Maine

Astrid Rodriguez '07 (NSF grant). Volcanics of South-Central Maine.

Jeremy Huckins '06 (NSF grant). Developing a GIS data base for bedrock studies in Maine.

Scott Drew '05 (NSF grant) Geochemical Analysis of the Metavolcanics of South-Central Maine. Received 2005 Arthur M. Hussey Award and the Geological Society of Maine Walter Anderson prize for outstanding student poster.

Brandon Levy '03 (NSF grant):The Peaks Island Member of the Cushing Formation interpreted as a sub-aqueous volcanic flow succession in southern Maine. Received 2003 Arthur M. Hussey Award.

Lindsey Szramek '02 (Doherty Fellowship): Field and petrographic study of igneous rocks on Vinalhaven Island. This is part of a Keck Geology Consortium project. Received 2002 Arthur M. Hussey Award.

Kelly Lawrence '01 (NCUR Fellowship):Petrologic and geochemical study of the Casco Bay Amphibolites.

Ed Meyer '01 (NCUR Fellowship):Pressure and temperature estimates for metamorphism of the Spring Point amphibolites, Casco Bay, Maine.

Clayton Salem '02 (NCUR Fellowship): Field and geochemical study of the Tunk Lake pluton combined with a GIS analysis of the Coastal Maine Magmatic Province.

Western Maine

Harriet Van Vleck '01 (Surdna Fellowship): Geochemical and petrographic study of mafic and ultramafic blocks in the Hurricane Mountain mélange, west-central Maine. Received 2001 Arthur M. Hussey Award.

David Thomas
'00 (Surdna Fellowship): Structural analysis of Penobscottian deformation in the Hurricane Mountain Melange and Dead River Formation, northwest Maine. Received 2000 Arthur M. Hussey Award.

Keck Geology Consortium Project: Tectonometamorphic Evolution of Cycladic Subduction Zone Rocks, Syros, Greece.