Peter D. Lea

Associate Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science

Peter Lea

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Earth & Oceanographic Science

Druckenmiller Hall - 120 D

Teaching this semester

EOS 1305 / ENVS 1104. Environmental Geology and Hydrology

Peter Lea
An introduction to aspects of geology and hydrology that affect the environment and land use. Topics include lakes, watersheds and surface-water quality, groundwater contamination, coastal erosion, and/or landslides. Weekly labs and fieldwork examine local environmental problems affecting Maine’s rivers, lakes, and coast. Students complete a community-based research project.

EOS 2345 / ENVS 2270. Landscapes and Global Change

Peter Lea
Earth’s surface is marked by the interactions of the atmosphere, water and ice, biota, tectonics, and underlying rock and soil. Even familiar landscapes beget questions on how they formed, how they might change, and how they relate to patterns at both larger and smaller scales. Examines Earth’s landscapes and the processes that shape them, with particular emphasis on how future changes may both influence and be influenced by humans. Topics include specific land-shaping agents (rivers, glaciers, landslides, groundwater), as well as how these agents interact with one another and with changing climate, tectonics, and human activities.


  • A.B. (Dartmouth)
  • M.S. (Washington)
  • Ph. D. (Colorado-Boulder)

Peter D. Lea teaches hydrology, glacial processes and landforms, and sedimentology. His research includes climatic and environmental change of the Bering land bridge, as well as the flow dynamics, biogeochemistry, and environmental history of Merrymeeting Bay, a freshwater tidal system in mid-coast Maine.