Peter D. Lea

Associate Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science

Peter Lea

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Earth & Oceanographic Science

Druckenmiller Hall - 120 D

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EOS 2365. Coastal Processes and Environments

Peter Lea
Coasts are among the most densely populated and dynamic components of the earth system, with forms that reflect the interplay among sediment delivery, reshaping by waves and coastal currents, changes in land subsidence and/or sea levels, and human interventions. Understanding these processes and how they may change is a first step toward reducing risk and developing resilient coastal communities. Examines coastal environments (e.g., deltas, barrier islands, beaches, salt marshes), the processes that shape them, and underlying controls. Considers impacts of climate change and sea-level rise on coastal erosion and flooding, and trade-offs involved in human responses to such problems.


  • A.B. (Dartmouth)
  • M.S. (Washington)
  • Ph. D. (Colorado-Boulder)

Peter D. Lea teaches hydrology, glacial processes and landforms, and sedimentology. His research includes climatic and environmental change of the Bering land bridge, as well as the flow dynamics, biogeochemistry, and environmental history of Merrymeeting Bay, a freshwater tidal system in mid-coast Maine.