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Peter M. Coviello

Professor of English

Peter Coviello


  • Ph.D., Cornell University, 1998. 
  • B.A. Northwestern University, 1993

Peter Coviello has been at Bowdoin College since 1998, where he specializes in nineteenth-century American literature and queer studies, and where he has served as Chair of the departments of English, Africana Studies, and Gay and Lesbian Studies. He is the editor of Walt Whitman’s Memoranda During the War, and author of Intimacy in America: Dreams of Affiliation in Antebellum Literature, and of Tomorrow’s Parties: Sex and the Untimely in Nineteenth-Century America. Since 2011 he has been a member of the editorial board at American Literature. His work has appeared in PMLA, ELH, Raritan, American Literature, GLQ, and MLQ as well as in venues like Frieze and The Believer

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