The mathematical community offers a wealth of largely untapped resources for advancing climate change research.State of the Planet Yet the subject is full of mathematical challenges, ranging from continuous and stochastic dynamical systems, to inverse problems, data assimilation, efficient numerical numerical methods, quantifying uncertainty, etc. Let's focus some of our energy on these problems! 

Research and Training: Mathematical Challenges in Climate Modeling

There are many ways for you to get involved.  For example:

Upcoming Conferences 

Materials from recent conferences 

  • Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego, Jan 2008.
    • Lecture notes from the SIAM Invited Lecture by Inez Fung, the AMS-SIAM Special Session on Environmental Mathematics, and the SIAM Minisymposia: From Global Models to Local Action.


We can also include State of the Planet and Sustainability material at many levels in our curricula.  It's easy and rewarding, and it's our responsibility as educators!  more »