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Michael Birenbaum Quintero

Assistant Professor of Music

Contact Information

107 Gibson Hall

Fall 2014

  • CuBop, Up-Rock, Boogaloo, and Banda: Latinos Making Music in the United States (LAS 1337)
  • CuBop, Up-Rock, Boogaloo, and Banda: Latinos Making Music in the United States (MUS 1269)
  • Afro-Latin Music Ensemble (MUS 2781)
  • Sound Travels: From Mozart to MP3 (MUS 3101)

Michael Birenbaum Quintero

Ph.D. New York University Department of Music, 2009
M.A. New York University Department of Music. 2003
B.A. The New School for Social Research, Eugene Lang College; “Writing, Literature, and the Arts:  The Arts in Context”. 1996
A.A. Simon’s Rock College of Bard, 1994



Musical Projects

Percussionist happyfunsmile (okinawan pop, japanese enka, chindon)

Percussionist Kossan (okinawan folk music)

See: http://bowdoin.academia.edu/MichaelBirenbaumQuintero/Papers

“Música afropacífica y autenticidad identitaria en la época de la etnodiversidad” [“Afro-Pacific Music and Identitarian Authenticity in the Era of Ethnodiversity”], in En nombre de la diferencia. Redes, experiencias urbanas y acciones afirmativas de la negridad en Colombia. [“In the Name of Difference. Networks, Urban Experiences and Affirmative Actions of Blackness in Colombia”], ed. Eduardo Restrepo and Axel Rojas (Popayán: Universidad del Cauca)  Forthcoming [2011]

"Las poéticas sonoras del Pacífico Sur." [“The Poetics of Sound in the Southern Pacific”]. Músicas y Prácticas Sonoras en el Pacífico Afrocolombiano. [Musics and Sonic Practices on the Afro-Colombian Pacific]. (Bogotá: Universidad Javeriana), 2010

“Multimedia Review. Justo Valdéz & La Rumba Palenquera: Tribute to Batata.” Journal of the Society for American Music 3:3, 2009

“Música afropacífica y autenticidad identitaria en la época de la etnodiversidad” [“Afro-Pacific Music and Identitarian Authenticity in the Era of Ethnodiversity”], in Traslaciones, legitimaciones e identificaciones. Música y sociedad en Colombia. [Translations, Legitimations, and Identifications: Music and Society in Colombia], ed. Mauricio Pardo (Bogotá: Universidad del Rosario), 2009

Afro-Colombian Musics
Multimedia Internet Dossier and Article Commissioned by La Médiathèque Caraïbe - LAMECA (Guadeloupe, French Antilles), 2009

  “Componente investigativo del Plan Ruta de la Marimba” [“Investigative Component of the Route of the Marimba Plan”]. (Co-authored with Leonor Convers, Oscar Hernández Salgar, Alejandro Martínez Carvajal, Carlos Miñana Blasco, Juan Sebastián Ochoa, Axel Alejandro Rojas, Elías Sevilla Casas, Manuel Sevilla, Héctor Javier Tascón). Document from the consultancy by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali and the Colombian Ministry of Culture Network of Researchers in Traditional Musics of the Southern Pacific, ed. Manuel Sevilla. 2008 

"Afro-Colombian Popular Music." Concise Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, ed. Douglas Puchowski. (New York: Routledge, 2008)

‘La música pacifica’ al Pacífico violento: música, multiculturalismo y marginalización en el Pacífico negro colombiano” [“Music Pacifies the Violent Pacific: Music, Multiculturalism and Marginalization in Colombia’s Black Pacific”], TRANS Intercultural Music Review / Revista Intercultural de Música.  10, 200

Liner notes, Arriba suena marimba, Currulao Marimba from Colombia by Grupo Naidy, SFW 40514 Smithsonian Folkways Records (2005)

“Acerca de una estética popular en la música y la cultura de la champeta” [“On the Popular Aesthetic in the Music and Culture of Champeta”], in Colombia y el Caribe, ed. Zoila Sotomayor O. (Barranquilla: Ediciones Uninorte, 2005)

Book Review (with Richard A. Blint):  “Maureen O’Dougherty’s Consumption Instensified: The Politics of Middle-Class Life in Brazil.”  Anthropological Quarterly. 76:1 [Winter 2003]

African Diaspora in the Americas Collection Study Guide, Latin American Video Archives, 2003

Papers Read
* denotes invited talk


2010 “Mapear el sonido, sonar el mapa: La construcción sonora de una region afrocolombianas.” [Mapping Sound, Sounding the Map: The Sonic Construction o fan Afrocolombian Region”]
Congreso Internacional de Musicología (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Centro Nacional de Investigación, Documentación e Información Carlos Chávez, International Musicological Society)
Mexico City, Mexico

2009 “Musical Tactics of Diaspora and Modernity on the Margins of the Black Atlantic.”
Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology
Mexico City, Mexico

2008 “To Conjure or to Mourn? The Ambiguities of Cultural Policy in the Colombian Conflict.”
International Council for Traditional Music Study Group for Applied Ethnomusicology.
Ljubljana, Slovenia

2008* "Abosaos, Lumbalús and Patacorés: Afro-Colombian Musical Practice at the Fringes of the Diaspora."
Cimarrón Festival (School of Oriental and African Studies and Canning House with Bambuco Dance Project, Ola Latina, PercuDance, Awards for All, Festival Encuentro Latino).
London, England.

2007* “Afro-Colombian Cultural Memory and the Institutionalization of  Multiculturalism in the Face of Violence.”
Quatrième Seminaire sûr la Etnomusicologie des Caraïbes de la Médiathèque Caraïbe/Festival de Gwoka. Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

2007 “Music and the Imperial Project in Colombia's Black Pacific.” Latin American Studies Association Meeting. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2006* “La investigación” [“Investigation”]  and “La industria musical” [“The Music Industry”].
 “Garantizando el futuro de la música del Pacífico. Un foro para los artistas en el X Festival Petronio Álvarez de la Música del Pacífico” [“Guaranteeing the Future of the Music of the Pacific. A Forum for the Artists Participating in the 10th Petronio Álvarez Festival of the Music of the Pacific.”] Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the Mixed Fund of Valle del Cauca and the Rogelio Velásquez Documentation Center of Afrocolombian and Indigenous Cultural Expressions.
Cali, Colombia.

2006* “Comiendo con chuchara: Algunos apuntes sobre la investigación etnomusicológica en el Pacífico Sur” [“Eating with a Spoon: Some Points on Ethnomusicological Investigation in the Southern Pacific”].
Symposium on Investigation, Bellas Artes Conservatory.
Cali, Colombia.

2005* “Cual es el ‘etno’ en la etnoeducación? Una vista desde la etnomusicología.” [“What’s the ‘ethno’ in ethnoeducation” A view from ethnomusicology.”]
Forum on Ethnoeducation, Universidad del Valle.
Cali, Colombia.

2005* “Retos del Festival Petronio Alvarez” [“Challenges of the Petronio Álvarez Festival”].
Public Forum on the Petronio Álvarez Festival (Culture and Tourism Secretariat of the Municipality of Santiago de Cali)
Cali, Colombia

2005 “Prácticas musicales en el Pacífico sur en la época de la etnodiversidad” [“Musical Practices in the Southern Pacific in the Era of Ethnodiversity”].
XI Congress of Anthropology in Colombia.
Santa Fé de Antioquia
and in the Symposium “Música y sociedad” [“Music and Society”], Universidad del Cauca.
Popayán, Colombia.

2005* “De ritos a ritmos: Lógica identitaria y activismo cultural en el Pacífico sur” [“From Rites to Rhythms: Indentitarian Logic and Cultural Activism in the Southern Pacific”].
Universidad Tecnológica de Quibdó.
Quibdó, Chocó, Colombia;
and the Fulbright Commission.
Bogotá, Colombia.

2005 “Music, Multiculturalism, and Ethnogenesis: Making the New Black Citizen in Colombia.”
Presented in Fulbright Commission Andean Nations Conference.
Cartagena, Colombia.

2003 “Through the Hourglass:  Champeta as a Double Globalization”.
“Latin American Popular Music: Transcultural Samplings and Global Reverberations”, University of London.
London, England.

2003 “Acerca de una estética popular en la música y cultura de la champeta”.
Encuentro de Colombianistas, Universidad del Norte.
Barranquilla, Colombia.

2002 “Champeta y la estética popular cartagenera.”
Hemispheric Institute Annual Encounter, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
Lima, Peru.


“Resounding Surroundings in Colombia’s Black Southern Pacific.”
Ambience in the Humanities: Translating New Surroundings into New Poetics
The Humanities Initiative at New York University
New York, New York, 2010*

2010* Panelist:
“Special Event: Cross-Disciplinary Conversations I
Sustained Engagement: Anthropology, Community Collaboration and Human Rights”
Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology
Los Angeles California

2009* “Diaspora and the Political Economy of Blackness: A View from the “Black Pacific”
Emerging Directions in African and African-American Diasporas Studies
Center for Race and Ethnicity at Rutgers University

2008* “Black Sexuality and the Politics of Self-Representation in Multiculturalist Colombia”
Panel: “Mediating Gender:  Collaboration, Contestation, and the Imagined Audience”
Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Society
San Francisco, California

2008 “Rethinking ‘Musicking’: The Expediencies of the Musical Object”
Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology.
Middletown, Connecticut

2007 “On Industrious Ants and Fiddling Grasshoppers: Musical Bodies, Laboring Bodies, and the Myth of the Lazy Native.” Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology.
Columbus, Ohio.
[Awarded Honorable Mention for the Lise Waxer Prize]

2006 “Ethnological Histories and the Ethnographic Present in Ethnomusicological Research.”
Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology.
Honolulu, Hawaii.

2005 “Music, Multiculturalism, and Ethnogenesis: Blackness and Credible Identity in Colombia”.
Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
[Awarded the Charles Seeger Prize]

2004 “‘Preguntale a Torbellino:’ Spins on Culture in Colombia’s Black Pacific”.
Latin American Studies Association Annual Meeting.
Las Vegas, Nevada.

2003 “Black Music in a Multicultural Colombia”.
Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting.
Miami, Florida

Local and Regional

2009* “Sound and silence: music, cultural policy, and violence in Colombia”
Program in Latin American Studies Colloquium
Johns Hopkins University

2008* "The Musical Making of Race and Place in Colombia’s Black Pacific.”
Reassembling the Americas: Africans, Asians, Latinos, and the Crossroads of Diaspora Workshop Series, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.
New York University, New York City.

2004 “Activist Ethnography and Ensemble Pedagogy”.
Middle Atlantic Chapter of the Society of Ethnomusicology (MACSEM) Annual Meeting, Temple University.
Philadelphia, PA, USA.

2003 “Black Music in a Multicultural Colombia”.
Middle Atlantic Chapter of the Society of Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Ramapo College. Mahwah, New Jersey;
and Latin America Conference, Columbia University;
New York, New York, USA.

2002 “Afrocolombian Music and the Market in a Multicultural State”.
Tinker Lecture, Center for Caribbean and Latin American Studies, New York University.
New York, New York

2009-2010 Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow. “Concepts of Diaspora.” Johns Hopkins University & Peabody Conservatory. Baltimore, MD, USA.
2008 Honorable Mention, Lise Waxer Prize for most distinguished student paper, Popular Music Section of the Society of Ethnomusicology
2007 – 2008 New York University Humanities Initiative Fellow
2006 Charles Seeger Prize for most distinguished student paper, Society of Ethnomusicology
2006 Grant Extension, Fulbright International Institutional Exchange
2005 Fulbright International Institutional Exchange Grant, Colombia
2004 President’s Service Award for Student Leadership, New York University
2002 Tinker Foundation Summer Travel Grant New York University
Center for Caribbean and Latin American Studies
2001-2004, 2006-2008
   Henry M. McCracken Fellowship, New York University
2001-2004, 2006-2008
   Dean’s Minority Fellowship, New York University
2001-2004, 2006-2008
   Marjorie Langley Ryan Fellowship, New York University
2001 Dean’s Supplementary Fellowship Grant New York University

* denotes paid position

Consultant, Scholarship Coordinator
Manuel Zapata Olivella Cultural Center
Washington, D.C.

*Technical Coordinator, Investigation Team Leader
Asociación de Investigaciones Culturales del Chocó
[Association for Cultural Investigations of Chocó]
Project: Functional Music & Dance Archive of the Colombian Northern Pacific
Quibdó, Chocó, Colombia
January – August 2009

*Investigator, Co-Author: "Investigative Component: Ruta de la Marimba"
Programa "Ruta de la Marimba" [Route of the Marimba]
Colombian Ministry of Culture / Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali / Network of Investigators of Traditional Musics of the Southern Pacific, dir. Prof. Manuel Sevilla
Cali, Colombia
Nov. – Dec. 2008

*Contracted Consultant
Ministry of Culture of Colombia (Direction of Ethnoculture and Regional Promotion),
Mixed Fund of Valle del Cauca
Rogelio Velázquez Center for the Documentation of Afro-Colombian Cultural Expressions at Diego Luis Córdoba Technological University of the Chocó
Quibdó, Cali, and Bogotá, Colombia

Contracted Investigator and Production Assistant
Secretariat of Culture and Tourism of Santiago de Cali
"IX Festival Petronio Álvarez de la Música del Pacífico"

Music Consultant 2005 National Census Afrocolombian Campaign
Proceso de Comunidades Negras
[Process of Black Communities]
"Las Caras Lindas de mi Gente"
Bogotá, Colombia

*Contracted Researcher
Ford Foundation/Asia Society
"Artistic Production & Cultural Identity In U.S. Immigrant Communities: Andean Communities in the Tri-State Area," 2004

Production Consultant
Smithsonian – Folkways Records
Grupo Naidy CD ¡Arriba suena Marimba!
2003 – 2005

Field Research Consultant, Concert Presenter
Center for Traditional Music and Dance
New York, NY, USA
Dec. 2003 – Jan. 2004

Investigator September 11th Oral History Project, American Folklife Center, U.S. Library of Congress