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Leah Zuo

Assistant Professor of History and Asian Studies

Contact Information

101 38 College Street

Fall 2014

  • China Encounters the West (ASNS 1006)
  • Late Imperial China (ASNS 2011)
  • China Encounters the West (HIST 1036)
  • Late Imperial China (HIST 2321)

Leah Zuo


  • B.A.  Peking University
  • M.A., Ph.D. Princeton University

I am a historian of pre-modern China. My research interests lie predominately in the middle and late imperial periods. My academic work most frequently involves exploring ideas and the circulation of ideas. I also make forays into the history of science, which affords me a particular perspective on the cultural and intellectual sphere.

I am currently working on a book manuscript which examines the life and thought of a polymath, Shen Gua, who lived in eleventh-century China. Among other things, this project purports to illuminate the epistemological stance of an individual who managed to acquire skills in what modern people would perceive as a wide range of disparate fields of study. Recently I have also been engaging middle-period encyclopedias, which serve as a new platform for my study of historical taxonomies and epistemologies.

I publish in both English and Chinese. My work has appeared in East Asian Science, Technology, and Society and the Journal of Tang Studies.

China (from antiquity to the present), Chinese thought, cultural history, science and technology in East Asia