Leah R. Dickens

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

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Kanbar Hall - 224

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PSYC 1101. Introduction to Psychology

Leah Dickens
A general introduction to the major concerns of contemporary psychology, including physiological psychology, perception, learning, cognition, language, development, personality, intelligence, and abnormal and social behavior. Recommended for first- and second-year students. Juniors and seniors should enroll in the spring semester.

PSYC 2033. Positive Psychology

Leah Dickens
While psychological research investigates the problems facing human beings, the field—and people in general—have come to realize that life devoid of the negative is not synonymous with a life well-lived. Focuses on aspects of life that help individuals and communities flourish. Topics including emotions (past-, present-, and future-oriented), character traits (strengths and virtues), and institutions (work, school, family) and how these influence the good life are discussed. Through readings, discussions, and hands-on activities, the empirical literature on positive psychology is examined, including points of conflict and avenues for future research.


  • B.A.  Connecticut College
  • M.A., Ph.D.  Northeastern