Kurt Bretsch

Visiting Assistant Professor

Spring 2008

  • The Oceans: An Introduction to Marine Science (BIO 052)
  • Ichthyology: The Biology of Fishes (BIO 320)
  • Advanced Independent Study and Honors in Biology (BIO 402)
Phone (207) 725-3238
Title Visiting Assistant Professor
Department BIOLOGY
Work Location Druckenmiller Hall
E-Mail kbretsch@bowdoin.edu
Kurt Bretsch: Bowdoin College: Biology


PhD Marine Science 2005: University of South Carolina
MS Marine Studies - Biological Oceanography 1996: University of Delaware
BS Biology 1993: Binghamton University
S. E. A. Semester 1991

Courses offered at Bowdoin

Biology of Marine Organisms, Fall 2007
Introduction to Marine Science for Non-Majors, Spring 2008 (tentative)
Fish Biology, Spring 2008 (tentative)


Bretsch, K., and D. M. Allen, 2006, Effects of Biotic Factors on the Depth Selection of Nekton, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 334 (1): 130-138

Bretsch, K., and D. M. Allen, 2006, Tidal Migrations of Nekton in Salt Marsh Intertidal Creeks, Estuaries and Coasts 29 (3): 479-491

Research Interests

My research focuses on the ecology of coastal marine organisms. I am interested in determining spatial and temporal distributions of economically and ecologically important fishes and macro-invertebrates and how changing patterns of habitat use reflect biotic and abiotic environmental conditions. While at Bowdoin, I would like to continue to explore the use of coastal habitat by nektonic and benthic organisms by investigating larval history and recruitment processes, interactions between invasive and native species, and/or predator-prey dynamics. I hope to develop a research program that centers on undergraduate involvement in field sampling of marine populations and conducting short-term ecological experiments. I envision including undergraduates in all aspects of my research including experimental design, data acquisition, presentation at conferences, and publication.