Julia Venegas

Lecturer in Spanish

Teaching this semester

HISP 1103. Accelerated Elementary Spanish

Three class hours per week, plus one hour of weekly drill and conversation sessions with a teaching fellow. Covers in one semester what is covered in two semesters in the Spanish 1101-1102 sequence. Study of the basic forms, structures, and vocabulary. Emphasis on listening comprehension and spoken Spanish. By placement or permission of instructor, for students with an advanced knowledge of a Romance language or who would benefit from a review in the beginner’s stages. Not open to students who have credit in Hispanic Studies 1101 or 1102 (formerly Spanish 1101 or 1102).

HISP 2204. Intermediate Spanish II, A

Three class hours per week and one weekly conversation session with assistant. Grammar fundamentals are reviewed. Class conversation and written assignments are based on readings in modern literature.


  • B.A., Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ph.D., Emory