Joanne Urquhart

Laboratory Instructor

Teaching this semester

EOS 1305/ENVS 1104. Environmental Geology and Hydrology, L1

An introduction to aspects of geology and hydrology that affect the environment and land use. Topics include lakes, watersheds and surface-water quality, groundwater contamination, coastal erosion, and/or landslides. Weekly labs and fieldwork examine local environmental problems affecting Maine’s rivers, lakes, and coast. Students complete a community-based research project.

Joanne teaches laboratories for EOS introductory courses and conducts field research to support course projects.  Projects range from nearby locations in the Portland area to Lubec in downeast Maine and she works with students to investigate the geology of many islands, peninsulas, and beaches in between. With emphasis on the outdoor natural laboratory, the curriculum is primarily field-based and engages students to explore intersections with geology and the way we live. She actively integrates learning strategies from Bowdoin’s Center for Learning and Teaching to help students reach their academic potential.


  • M.S., Dartmouth
  • B.S., SUNY